Sleeps with Dogs
What goes in must come out! That's right y'all, poop happens. But, have no fear of the doodie, I found something to make every dog owner's life a little easier - Dogbag Duffels.
The Dogbag Duffel  from Doggie Walk Bags are fun, festive, lightweight, easy to use dog bag dispensers.
No more plastic grocery bags or bulky, cumbersome dispensers for the SWD poopers. I just attach a Dogbag Duffel to the SWD leash and off a walkin' we go. It works like a charm. Now, if only the pooping pups would at least offer to carry their own baggage. 
11/30/2011 10:03:37 pm

I might need to try the duffel. Does it come in camoflage? My Bubs thinks anything attached to the leash looks like a ball and deserves chewing. If it were camo, maybe he wouldn't see it.

11/30/2011 10:57:52 pm

I have been using these nylon leash poiuches for years– I've found them to be the least unobtrusive poop bag carrier of them all!


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