Sleeps with Dogs
By now, most of the world has heard about Lennox.
Lennox was killed for what he looked like, not who he was:
a loving, loyal family dog and best friend to a disabled girl. 
What the Belfast City Council did to Lennox is murder. They killed an innocent dog.
I believe Lennox's legacy is bringing the global dog community together to fight Breed Specific Legislation. 
His story has ignited the fight in millions of people. If a dog can be killed for the way he looks, so can we all. 
If someone wants to create laws to do away with brown-eyed people, I'm at risk.
 How many of you would be too? 
That is the absurdity of BSL.

Please join Sleeps with Dogs in the fight against BSL.

I am Lennox. 
You are Lennox. 
We are Lennox.

And DogMa too...
Thank you to our pawmazing pals Snuggle Bulls for this touching tribute video.

For information on Breed Specific Legislation, check out

Linda Riesenbeck
7/15/2012 12:22:36 pm

Hi Rachel. What happened to Lennox was unforgiveable and I support your campaign to stop discrimination against a dog just because it has a certain look. Piggie, Harriett and Bella are wonderful representatives of your message. Mark and I love you all very much....and I admire you so much Rachel. You definitely fight for your beliefs!

7/15/2012 03:05:11 pm

I've been seeing "I am Lennox" posts around, and wasn't really sure what was up. I mean, I knew the Lennox story. I know what they did. I do see now, thank you. And I am vehemently against BSL.

9/1/2019 04:02:05 pm

memungkinkan menunjang semangat mereka utuk lebih baik.


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