Sleeps with Dogs
Nine years ago, my life changed forever. It was the moment I waited my entire life for - I adopted my first dog - from the Atlanta Humane Society. The four-year-old handsome hound mix's name was Blue. I dropped the "e" so my boy wouldn't have bad memories of his life before that fateful day, October 25, 2003. 

I remember how Blu gave me a kiss during our ride home from the Humane Society. It was then, I knew we were meant to share our lives. Blu was the inspiration behind Sleeps with Dogs.
Blu Moon Webb (Spring 2004)

Blu was a true Dog-ma's boy. He liked to just hang and chill near his mom, esp. while basking in some sunlight. He also loved treats any time and all the time.
Blu chillin' at Auntie Jeannie's (Fall 2003)
Blu loved to sun himself (Summer 2009)

Blu loved visiting his Auntie Jeannie's lake house in South Carolina. He enjoyed soaking in the fresh air while cruising on the lake. Blu truly felt like he was on vacation and always cherished every minute of his stay. Blu loved life, surrounded by the people and pooches he adored.
Blu cruises Lake Murray (Spring 2010)
Cousin Gracie, Blu, Sister Ellie (Fall 2007)

January 6th was a devastatingly sad day. While in Dog-Ma's arms, Blu crossed to the bridge. He took a big piece of me with him. He was my first. He was my heart. He was my boy. He was my Blu. Run free my love. Thank you for the last 9 years. They were the best with you. ♥  
10/25/98 - 1/6/12
1/20/2012 04:37:30 pm

What a handsome boy amd great smile.

Cindy Davis
1/20/2012 05:29:14 pm

Blu looks so happy in all his pictures. His Dog-ma must have given him a great life and shown him love all their years together. I bet he did the same for her. Bless you,,,he will always be in your heart

1/20/2012 09:21:49 pm

i get emotional each time I read your thoughts of Blu. Both happy and sad. I has the privilege of meeting this charmer and also miss him. I picture him running and playing with our Jake:)

1/20/2012 09:38:59 pm

Love and hugs to you, Rachel. Run free, sweet angel boy Blu <3

1/20/2012 09:54:46 pm

I love you both!

1/20/2012 10:13:29 pm

A great tribute to your handsome Blu.
Much love to you & the SWD Crew.

1/20/2012 10:27:04 pm

Sweet Blu <3 I know you are watching over Dog~Ma and the girls. Much much love to the SWD crew from BB and his Momma <3

1/21/2012 12:00:15 am

I am so sorry for your loss. Blu looks like he had a great life after he found you!

1/21/2012 12:00:21 am

I am so sorry to hear about Blu! He sounds just wonderful. He was so blessed to have you (((hugs)))

1/21/2012 12:32:52 am

Our deepest sympathies for the loss of your precious boy. What a beautiful tribute to an extraordinary companion. Our hearts are with you.

1/21/2012 01:20:27 am

One of my friends posted this on her facebook page. I read it, then read it again to my hubby... love the pic of Blu laying in the sun with his front paws crossed and the one with his cousins - I had to laugh out loud! I adopted my little girl (an 8 lb. mini dachshund) almost 14 years ago...I can't imagine life without her. I cried for your loss. This is a beautiful tribute to your sweet boy. Thank you for sharing.

1/21/2012 02:47:47 am

I'm very sad for you. Blu was a wonderful dog and if anything like the creatures that have crossed my path- gave you far more than you gave him. Hugs. Rumpy and Jen

1/21/2012 04:33:25 am

What a beautiful tribute to a fabulous furkid. I am so sorry for your loss, (((HUGS)))

1/21/2012 08:24:27 am

Wonderful tribute for a beautiful Blu, they do own special places in our hearts!

1/21/2012 09:53:28 am

I followed you via the Sat Pet BlogHop and read about Blu. So Very sorry that you are experiencing his loss. I know it's absolutely heartbreaking. Take care of YOU.

1/21/2012 12:22:27 pm

My Heart goes out to you <3 I know your pain and giref.
There are no words that can make the pain disappear but Just to know how many care that you are hurting I hope gives you comfort to know you are not alone. May you wake each day feeling Blu's spirit as it doe's Live on forever. Just knowing you were loved by Blue and loved him back is a treasure.
We are thinking of you and Blu Free now from every collar,leash or fence that ever bound him because the laws say we have to ~ Blu is finally free ~ and he lft with Love <3

1/22/2012 01:25:30 am

Rest in peace Blu, our thoughts and Prayers, to you and Blu, but remember how much better you made Blu's life!! Remember, You made Blu one happy Pup!!

1/22/2012 05:54:39 am

oh, what a sweetie.. Wish we could say something to make you feel better. Just remember Blu will always be with you. You gave him a home and a wonderful life. {{{hugs}}}

1/26/2012 11:55:40 pm

so sorry for your loss, i know u must be hurting but u know that your dog was loved and he loved so rest at peace knowing that.


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