Sleeps with Dogs
From tied-up to tutus --- that's our Harriet Tubman!
After showing up at the SWD house, dragging a rope tied around her neck, HT is still here.
DogMa kept the rope as a reminder of the plight of Harriet and other Pit Bulls. 
And Harriet Tubman was given the iconic name because she freed herself.
 While HT drives DogMa crazy with her wild energy and antics (think polar opposite of the lazy Pig),
DogMa loves her silliness and loving nature.

October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month.
Please help spread the word about these pawmazing dogs.
Harriet Tubman strikes a pose
10/16/2012 02:20:36 am

Harriet tutu-tubman is Such a pretty girl!!!


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