Sleeps with Dogs
 George and Piggie are basket cases this Tutu Tuesday.
They are tutu'd from the Pig's head down to George's toes.
These two bully breeds beauties show you just how silly they are.
Happy Tutu Tuesday to all the pups with personalities!
George and Piggie's tutu'n around

Tutus and baskets supplied by The Whole Dog Market in Atlanta.
7/17/2012 03:53:21 am

George is one handsome tutu'd basket boy...but...look at that Pig!!!
I do believe she is Lady PiGa! Just gorgeous!

7/17/2012 06:33:27 am

Oh Piggie looks so flirtatious here!

7/17/2012 08:27:38 am

Big Daddy just LOVES both George and the Pig. He could not do a tutu justice as they do.


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