Sleeps with Dogs
This Tutu Tuesday we give thanks to adopters everywhere.
Penny was a scared 6 month old puppy the day she was to be killed 
at the Newberry County Animal Shelter in South Carolina.
That fateful day, Penny's life was saved when a compassionate, kind woman adopted the frightened pup.

One week later, Penny was a different dog. Happy, playful, loving. 
You see, Penny was rescued by the boss' wife at Servpro of the Duth Fork

Not only does Penny now have a family with three kids, 
she also has an extended family at the office. 
Penny visits often where she can seen seen chillin' with her peeps
or playfully chewing on the ears of her loveable black lab brother, Buddy.

Big thank you to Monica for rescuing Penny and to pet adopters everywhere. 
We dedicate this Tutu Tuesday to you ALL!
Penny is dressed up and ready for Thanksgiving dinner

For more information about Servpro of the Dutch Fork, check out their:
Facebook Page
11/20/2012 12:17:44 pm


Hello pretty girl. I'm so happy that you found a furever home with Monica and her family!


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