Sleeps with Dogs
This week's Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to shelter dogs everywhere.
I had the honor of springing this American Bulldog beauty from her cell 
for a Friends of Dekalb Animals charity event.
Peyton along with three Dekalb County Animal Control pawmates were the stars of FODA's fundraiser.
Today Quincy, Mikka and Jimmy are honorary Tutu Tuesday'ers.
For a few hours the canine quartet was showered with love and treats. They could just relax and be dogs.
The heartbreaker was having to return these pawmazing pups to their hot, lonely concrete cells.
Please share this post for Peyton, her pals and all shelter dogs.
They need us.
Peyton rockin' the tutu
Peyton and her tiny new friend
Peyton wears her heart on her nose
Quincy cools off
Mikka's vest says it all
Jimmy enjoys the moment

Dekalb County covers metro Atlanta.
For more photos of these dogs check out Friends of Dekalb Animals website and Facebook page.
For more information on Dekalb County Animal Control check out their website and Facebook Page.
7/31/2012 11:20:17 am

Best Tutu Tuesday EVER!!!

8/8/2012 01:18:02 am

Aww how cute! :)


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