Sleeps with Dogs
Today's Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to a boy named Brock
and the pawmagical power of a Pit Bull named Piggie.

We met 10-year-old Brock on National Pit Bull Awareness Day back in October,
  It was then Brock's mom told us he was once bitten by a Chihuahua and is now afraid of dogs.
He is afraid of all dogs... except Piggie.

When we first encountered Brock and his lovely family at the Atlanta Bully March,
he apprehensively BUT quickly patted the Pig on the back.
When we saw Brock and his family several hours later at the Atlanta Bully Education Rally, 
 something very special happened...
Sometimes you just need a hug

For more information on Pit Bulls, Check out Pit Bull Rescue Central's:
Facebook Page
Danielle Moore
1/29/2013 12:55:11 am

Oh I LOVE IT!!!!! Piggie is the best and Brock talked about her for days after he had this amazing connection with her! Thank you for this!!!!!

1/29/2013 01:16:39 am

I love Piggie! She is awesome!

1/29/2013 01:57:15 am

Hooooraaaayyyy for Piggie, such a good girlie and a true AMBASSADOG! SB loves you Piggie and all of the SWD crew!

P.S. Good for you, Brock!! :-)

1/29/2013 06:09:46 am

Love this it mad me cry a little and I am so blessed to be one of piggies aunties. She is such a precious special loving girl

1/30/2013 08:57:30 am

I've been busy....I kept thinking, I need to read this...I want to read this....I need a minute....So finally tonight, I sit down with my own Pit Bulls and I read this, and I immediately tear up. When we organized Atlanta's Bully March, we did so for several reasons - to educate the community about our dogs; to show the community who we caretakers are, and in honor of all of the dogs that have been put down in shelters, and are dying on our streets. It's serious business to educate and we take this responsibility to heart, daily. We fight BSL and we see dogs being turned in to animal control, and hear of such sad stories that we lose sight of what really motivated us to start Stubby's Heroes in the first place, and it's simple. This little boy knows it all too well, as does's LOVE. Thank you SWD and Dogma for being a supporter, for being such a great ma to Piggie and to the rest of your pack, and for reminding this tired, overworked woman of what love for a dog, felt by a boy means, and of why we do what we do.....MUCH LOVE! Jo

1/30/2013 11:18:02 pm

Thanks so very much for sharing this heartwarming story of Brock . . . and the wonderful work being done there in Atlanta. I especially appreciate the recognition Johanna has expressed for all of the great volunteers who help to make such stories possible.

LOVE you Rachel, Piggie and the entire SWD crew!

1/31/2013 09:30:37 am

Thank you so much for everything you do for pit bulls. Please encourage all of your readers to get involved where they live and either become part of an existing Bully Walk or organize their own. Also let them know that they can network with others around the world who have Bully Walks on the Coast to Coast Bully Walk Facebook or at Portland Pit Bull Parade on Facebook.

Good on ya for supporting and advocating for the pitties!


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