Sleeps with Dogs
October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month.
And to kick things off at Sleeps With Dogs this Tutu Tuesday
It’s our one and only Piggie.
Had she not been rescued by some supaw pawsome people two years ago,
the Pig would've been killed by Gwinnett County Animal Control.
  So, Tutu Tuesdays this month are dedicated to Pit Bulls EVERYWHERE.
 Sleeps With Dogs loves Pit Bulls.
We support Pit Bulls.
And we will never stop fighting for these pawmazing dogs.
Piggie Rose Webb
Rescued: October 2010
Adopted: October 2010

For more information on Piggie's first day at the SWD house,
clink on the link: Pig's First Day

10/2/2012 03:36:44 pm

She looks PAWistivly pawsome in her pink. I love miss piggy girl. She can also make me smile and brighten a bad day with that adoraBULL face

10/6/2012 02:06:58 am

Piggie is always pretty in pink!

10/8/2012 06:44:18 am

Awww... thanks! Pig borrowed this tutu from my niece. It's my fav.


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