Sleeps with Dogs
This week's Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to therapy dogs everywhere.
Here is the pawmazing Lottie, who primped and fluffed herself for the Special Olympics in Atlanta
and brought huge smiles to all the athlestes' faces.
Lady Lottie of pawsomeness, we dedicate Tutu Tuesday to you. 
Lottie rockin' her tutu and game face
And in first place for Best Dressed.... Lottie!

If you in the Atlanta area, stop by The Whole Dog Market on Monroe Dr. where Lottie often accompanies her mom to work. You may even be inspired to get your pooch a tutu too. 
karin french
5/29/2012 09:02:21 am

thank you for being the tutu dog this week, i am disabled due to amputation of my leg. have also worked with special needs children ,adults. thanks again

7/6/2012 12:22:35 am

look so cute!


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