Sleeps with Dogs
The Yellow Dog Project is a global movement 
for parents of dogs that need space (aka DINOS, Dogs In Need Of Space).  
We fully support this pawsome movement 
and will be putting a yellow ribbon on Harriet Tubman after she has knee surgery. 
We thank you The Yellow Dog Project and applaud your efforts to keep all our pups safe!
Let's all join together and help spread the word about The Yellow Dog Project. 
The more peeps that know about yellow leash ribbons, the safer all our pups will be!
Who's on board with DogMa and the SWD crew?!

For more information on The Yellow Dog Project, click on these links:
DINOS™ are GOOD Dogs, They Just Need Space! Looking for more? Check out: for more stories, resources, and the Team DINOS store!
We fully support DINOS. 
DINOS and The Yellow Dog Project are working together to make our pooches safer out in public. 
We give them all a big Sleeps with Dogs round of barks and woofs!
Check out DINOS Facebook Page for more information.
9/29/2012 12:14:06 am

That is a really good idea.


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