Sleeps with Dogs
That's right y'all -- Dog-Ma was in jail, the joint, lockup, the big house, the clink -- and the best part -- the dogs made me do it! 
Deputy Lee and Leo

Gwinnett County, Georgia started a jail dogs program and last month I had the opportunity to check it out first hand. The program is called Operation Second Chance and it saves the lives of dogs in local shelters. Dogs are paired with inmates who are then in charge of care and basic training. To say witnessing the program in action was a humbling experience would be an understatement. The dogs bond with their inmates and in return the inmates learn responsibility and unconditional love.
Atlas and inmate handler

During the visit, my fellow crazy dog lovin' friend Jen and I met some pawcredible dogs - all available for adoption. Atlas immediately stole my heart along with Bo and Luna. Wish I could've taken the trio of canine crusaders home. Now I'm thinking about baking them a liver cake with a file inside or mapping out a Pawshank Redemption escape plan.

Hats off to the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department for taking action to help dogs on death row. The Society of Humane Friends volunteers take care of food, vet services, training and adoptions. The program doesn't even cost tax payers a cent. Can't argue with that. Also, the jail dogs program also gets hefty monthly supplies of treats donated from the pawmazing Big Daddy Biscuits.
Mila and inmate handler

Big thanks to Amy Jackson of Karmalized Pictures for getting me on the inside and for her dedication to getting the word out about this pawtastic program. She is a filmmaker currently documenting Jail Dogs on video.  Also, thanks to Jen for letting me tag along. And thank you Deputy Lee, for showing us around and for running this pawsome operation! 
Amy and Leo
For more information, check out these Facebook pages: The Society of Humane Friends - Jail Dogs and Jail Dogs in C1
11/9/2011 12:32:02 am

What an awesome program that SAVES dogs lives & doesn't cost taxpayers anything. We need more just like this all across the country!

11/9/2011 02:54:12 am

Thanks for posting the Jail Dogs on your blog!!

11/9/2011 03:04:03 am

Thanks for coming out with me! What fun! And don't forget, this pawsome program will be seen on Pit Bulls & Parolees this season!

11/9/2011 06:14:43 am

"And what did the suspect steal, ma'am?"
"Officer, he stole my heart."
"Can you describe the merchandise?"
"Yes. It's red, soft and very very big."
"The facts ma'am, just the facts."

11/9/2011 10:13:34 am

I've seen this program in a few other locations. Great idea and so wonderful that you were allowed inside.


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