Sleeps with Dogs
Hey Pals - it's the Beast here. 
DogMa appears to be having a ruff time deciding on a SWD tagline.
She recently sent out a plea for help where peeps sent some pawsome suggestions,
but good ol' obsessive DogMa can't commit to any of them.
So please, try to come up with some more ideas. 
I am begging y'all.
Oh and DogMa says, offer still holds...
paw or peep who's tagline is selected 
will get a supaw cool SWD care package!

Bow wow for now,
Bella the One-Eye Beast

P.S. DogMa says she really appreciates the help and she wuffs you all.

2/1/2013 11:30:52 pm

Hi - just stopping by from the Blog Hop. You are a real cutie. Afraid we don't know what a Tag Line is, so can't be of any help in suggesting one for you. Guess we'll have to study up on Tag Lines.

2/2/2013 12:19:13 am

'Fraid I can't help with a tagline, either. But you sure are a good lookin' pup and I love your blog title! Happy Saturday!

2/2/2013 05:41:07 am

One will never feel lonely when they sleep with dogs.

Have a problem tossing and turning? Sleep with dogs problem solved.

2/2/2013 06:37:21 am

You bed is warmer when you Sleep With Dogs

2/2/2013 06:39:41 am

Sleeps With Dogs
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