Sleeps with Dogs
Hi fellow paws and peeps too.
Look what I found while wandering around Poo Island -- a standing stick! 
How pawsome is that?!?
DogMa says it's called bamboo and panda bears like to eat the leaves.
Hmmm... pandas are cute. 
I'm cute. 
So, it's paw good.
Looks like a stick
Smells like a stick
Tastes like a stick

Gotta go before my sisters catch on and want to nosh on MY standing stick!
Bow wow for now,

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Susan P.
8/17/2012 03:08:42 am

Bella, you are an intrepid explorer! Keep up your adventures! I'll be reading.

8/17/2012 04:25:31 am

If it looks like a stick, smells like a stick, and tastes like a stick, then it's a stick. Same can be said for ducks. LOL!

Mr. Buddy Rose
8/17/2012 09:15:29 am

Dear Sweet Winkin' Dog,
I think your standing stick is very pawsome. That is quite a find! I have to go now to see if I can also find a standing stick in my park!

Linda Riesenbeck
8/17/2012 10:51:31 am

Hello beautiful Bella. I'm so happy that you're're a very interesting young lady! The stick looks like it was good....I look forward to reading about your future make me happy just looking at you! Love and kisses to you, your awesome sisters and your amazing DogMa! OXOXO

Von & Miss Heidi
8/17/2012 10:23:34 pm

Miss Heidi and I enjoyed your report from Poo Island. Here we have PooVille and our sticks are not nearly as interesting as yours!


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