Sleeps with Dogs
Bella here, reporting from our new house! I'm lovin' the new digs. There's so much room to explore, wander and just hang out. And the best part (beside Poo Island), I have my very own space. How cool is that! 

For those who don't know me, my name is Bella, but dog-ma calls me Bella the One Eye Beast, One-Eye or just Beast. I just smile and nod. Dog-ma can call me whatever she wants, it doesn't mean I'll answer. teehee.

As for my one eye, the story goes: when I was just a few weeks old, my biological dad accidentally stepped on my tiny head. My eye couldn't be saved and now I rock a crooked nose and pawsome underbite. Don't worry, I'm not in any pain and think I look pretty pawsome, at least that's what dog-ma tells me.

I'm off to stake my spot in the bed. I better hurry, space goes fast!                                                                   
Power to the paw y'all.                                                                  
Until next time,
kathy zombeck
9/28/2011 02:50:14 pm

Yes.. my sweet silly Bella you do look great .. you dont have that name for nothing little lady.. You do know that in Italian the work bella translated to english means beautiful.. and that you are God made you special.. inside and out. Happy Jouney sweet one..

William Gibson
9/28/2011 04:22:20 pm

Bella, you mom is right - you are beautiful. And you're sweet. And you can come live with me anytime you like. You are a sweetie-poo-puppy-wuppy.

9/28/2011 10:52:58 pm

Bella your the most beautiful white labbie ever. You can always come and visit auntie kristi anytime you wants. It would be a nice break for mommy

LB Longo
9/29/2011 09:09:20 am

Bella Beautiful Labby <3


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