Sleeps with Dogs
Hey Paws and Peeps -- DogMa is asking for your help!
You see, Sleeps With Dogs needs a simple, catchy, fun tagline and I'm at a loss.
So here's the challenge: Woof at us with as many tagline suggestions as you want.
If we select yours as the new SWD tagline,
you'll get a pawsome gift of gratitude from DogMa and the SWD Crew.
On your bark,
get set,

Can't wait to read all the pawtastic tagline entries.
Thanks for your pawsistance - We heart y'all. 
Jeanne Saadi
1/5/2013 09:36:02 am

Get your tail over here
We always get a little tail
Cold nose, warm hearts

Faye & Bunny
1/5/2013 10:32:50 am

Because love means always having to vacuum your comforter.

Faye & Bunny
1/5/2013 10:51:29 am

Make every night a pawjama party!

Faye & Bunny
1/5/2013 01:10:11 pm

"Keep your friends close, and your best friends closer."

1/5/2013 09:34:21 pm

Sleeps With Dogs . . . because there's less drama

One is the loneliest number

Leave your boots at the door

ALL mutts welcomed

Sleeps with Dogs because humans snore louder

DogMa for Jeannie
1/6/2013 06:46:40 am

Studs and Bitches Welcome
All Breeds Welcome
No leash, No Collar, No Problem
We'll Leave a Treat out for You
Size Doesn't Matter
No Tail is too Smal

2/5/2013 05:32:27 pm

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself

4/1/2013 04:23:47 pm

So which SWD tagline was selected and who was the winner.


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