Sleeps with Dogs
When the pawsome PetHub folks asked me to rep for them at BarkWorld,
 the social petworking conference held in Atlanta, 
I immediately said yes. 
PetHub swag in BarkWorld bag of goodies
PetHub's motto is - Protect. Share. Nurture. - and that is exactly what they do 
with their pawtastic state of the art digital tags and online protection plan.
Both Piggie and the Beast wear PetHub's ScruffTag Collars and love them. 
Check out SWD's PetHub Review to see why.

On Friday (10/26/02), with my PetHub tee shirt on, Piggie and I set out for BarkWorld.
Here is our report.
This tee shirt says it all about PetHub
Pig makes a grand entrance on the red carpet with her PetHub ScruffTag Collar and of course, a tutu.
Bloggers, companies and social influencers
We met a lot of supaw cool people and paws and chatted about the pawsomeness that is PetHub.
The Pig and I yapped all day (well the Oinker mainly demanded belly rubs) 
and had a blast talking about PetHub's guest blogging programs. 
If you received info from me, please contact PetHub. 
For those bloggers I was unable to hound, 
please contact PetHub if you're interested in pursuing guest blogging opportunities
or contact me at and I'll hook you up with the info.
PetHub is pawtastic and totally cool and has the DogMa seal of pawroval.
Carma Poodale rocks her PetHub ScruffTag Collar
Jasmine gives a barkout to PetHub

For More Information on PetHub, check out the following links:

11/2/2012 11:14:38 pm

Pig is adorable! Love the tutu:) What a great event for dog lovers to get together. Sounds awesome! I found your blog on the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop. Have a great weekend!

11/3/2012 03:11:10 pm

Hi Laura,
Thanks for the Pig love and a BIG huge WELCOME to Sleeps With Dogs. We're thriled you're here!

Have a supaw pawsome weekend too!

11/2/2012 11:36:59 pm

Sounds like a fun event and I bet you met a lot of cool humans and doggies.

11/3/2012 03:13:45 pm

So much fun! We think your should come next year!

11/3/2012 12:10:04 am

I love the tutu... it's so cute!

11/3/2012 03:16:30 pm

Awwww.... thanks! Tune in ever Tues, for SWD's Tutu Tuesday. If features a dog in a tutu every week. :-)

11/3/2012 09:15:25 am

I loved meeting you and Piggy. That girl knows how to wear a tutu. Thanks for including me in the post. It was such a fun time.

11/3/2012 03:30:09 pm

It was so pawsome meeting y'all! Hopefully time around we'll have more time to chat.


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