Sleeps with Dogs
The mighty treat has mutteriffic magical powers with the SWD crew and extended SWD family. Thanks to the mind-controlling morsels, I have cherished moments captured from the present and past.
Bella and pal Louie
The G-Pack, Trixie, Piggie and Lottie
Blu, Bella, Piggie
Cousin Gracie, Blu, Ellie (RIP)
the Beast and her flippie treat

Some of the SWD favorite nuggets of goodness:
- Big Daddy Biscuits: all natural, organic, Dinner Mints are the pawfect treat for the crew's less than savory breath. 
- Old Mother Hubbard: all natural Tartar Control snacks help keep the crew's teeth and gums healthy
- Mother Nature4 Way Treat Natural Dog Biscuits are a crowd pleaser in the SWD house.
12/9/2011 05:00:31 pm

What do you think of Greenies? I've heard good and bad things about them...just wondering if you had any experience with them?
BTW--Love Old Mother Hubbard treats...or I should say...Coda does! :)

12/9/2011 10:10:49 pm

Dear SWD - For me, treats do have magical powers. I get lots of treats when I dress up in clothes. I get lots of treats when I go to school. I get lots of treats when I yam a good boy, which really means, I get lots of treats ALL the time! **WOOF**

12/9/2011 10:52:47 pm

They do love those treats, don't they?

12/10/2011 11:08:05 am

yummm, treats! They're hypnotizing!

12/10/2011 02:04:46 pm

Rachel, you give your poawsome 4's treats but really, we are the ones getting the REAL TREATS when you post all those pawsome pictures of our babies (that we ALL love so much <3 )
So I think we GET the BEST treats of ALL!!! Give kissies and hugggs to my babies and tell them Auntie C still loves them....more then ever <3
And Thanks for the TREATS <3

12/10/2011 09:47:10 pm

Treats really do have magical powers. The biggest magic it creates here is instant gobs of drool!


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