Sleeps with Dogs
The Atlanta screening of Beyond the Myth is tonight. As an advocate for the breed, I am thrilled at the buzz surrounding this movie. As a journalist, I am overjoyed with the opportunity to talk with fellow advocate and renowned trainer Victoria Stillwell. As a Pit Bull lover, I am giddy with excitement to meet the pawmazing former Vick dog, Hector.  As a Pit Bull dog-ma, I am delighted to meet fellow parents of this remarkabull breed.

I will be sharing tonight's experiences in a furture post. In the meantime, here is a recent encounter with my own myth buster, Piggie.
Conversation with girl at the Starbucks drive-thru.

Girl: Awwww... What kind of dog is that?
Me: Pit Bull. Her name is Piggie.
Girl: She's soooo cute.
Me: Thank you.
Girl: Has she ever been mean or anything?
Me: Never. She's super sweet. In fact, if we were in the same room she'd be laying down waiting for you to rub her belly.
Girl (to co-worker): Come look at this cute Pit Bull!

10/8/2011 04:35:35 am

Funny people never ask if little dogs have ever been mean, but they can be!

10/8/2011 05:06:25 am

Have fun! Enjoy! I'm looking forward to the after-pawty blog post!

10/8/2011 05:55:23 am

YAHOOOOOOOO for Pitties :) Piggie Petunia Pittie Princess IS the sweetest pittie girl!

10/8/2011 07:12:37 am

Love your blog! Caught it on the Life with Dogs Saturday blog hop! Thanks for being a VOICE! Pitties rule!



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