Sleeps with Dogs
Temps are on the rise early this year and Piggie is H-O-T!
Watching the Purina Dog Challenge at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, the Pig started to roast.
That's when the panting porker bumped into the guys from ChillSpot - an innovative cooling dog bed.

The ChillSpot replicates the cooling affects of a tile floor. All you have to do is place the four brick-like ChillPods in the freezer then into the compartments they're placed. How cool is that?! (no pun intended)
Check out how the ChillSpot works.

Now as compelled as I was with the concept, I was pretty certain Piggie would have zero to do with the cooling apparatus. The guys asked if she wanted to try it out and after only a few moments, this is what happened...
Piggie chillin' (literally)
I was stunned at the Pig's sense of adventure as she was, well, chillin'.
Piggie workin' the half-chill

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4/1/2012 10:54:26 pm

What a great idea, both for those who compete in dog sports or just for a hot day out at the park. I think we all worry about our fur babies getting overheated!

4/2/2012 08:17:35 am

Fantastic device ... I live in FL and it's HOT and HUMID ... This makes wonderful sense for kennels, shelters, and backyards ... anywhere animals need to "chll".It's even being used to cool the pandas in the Atlanta Zoo ... how neat is that? I't fun to see Piggy chilling ...

4/1/2012 11:07:47 pm

From roasted Pig to Chillin' Piggie!
Love the "half-chill" - That Pig is something else!

8/11/2013 07:53:30 pm

That was really wonderful! I mean it is normal for humans to get such things, but for a dog? I must say that I am pretty much impressed by your love to Piggie. And I can see why. She is as good as you talk about her. She deserves it.

10/26/2016 09:40:39 pm

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