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I have a confession to make. When Bella is home, she roams the house in her birthday suit. The jingling of her tags took what little sanity this Dog-Ma had left. So, in a move of sheer desperation, Bella's collar was removed. Now, going collarless was never a problem with the other SWD pooches... but they weren't a wild, one-eye Lab with a taste for adventure. 

More than once, the small backyard creek tempted Bella. She'd get the wanderlust and take-off down the shallow trail. There was no pattern to her delinquency. She'd just look at me, laugh and trot away. Funny, she had no problem with only one eye, but her hearing instantly failed at these moments known as Creekisodes.
Poo Island inmate #000001 -- Crime: Unlawful Escape

When the folks at PetHub asked if I'd be interested in reviewing their ScruffTag ID collar, I said yes and knew immediately which SWD crew member would be the tester. 

PetHub is an innovative way to ID your pets. With the use of modern technology, people can access vital information at the touch of a finger -- with any smartphone or computer. Each PetHub ID tag is designed with a QR code that when scanned, quickly displays the pet's online profile with info provided by the owner. Don't have a smartphone? No problem. The data is easily accessible on PetHub's website. It's pretty pawsome. 
PetHub ScruffTag Collar

The day Bella's purple ScruffTag collar arrived in the mail, I practically ripped-open the package with my teeth. Okay, that is exactly what I did.  My first impression:  I loved the collar's sturdiness and deep plum color -- Purple was the pawfect choice for my handsome girl.  

The adjustable collar fits pawtastically around Bella's furry neck. She wears her ScruffTag collar 24/7. Oh and listen... do you hear that? I don't either! NO clankity clank of a heavy, hanging tag. This Dog-Ma is in love with PetHub and their pawsome collar.  Bella immediately went from juvenile delinquent to coolest paw on the block.
Escape artist gets tagged

PetHub also offers the Link Tag. Its made of anodized aluminum and light in weight (minimal sound). All PetHub Tags are made in the U.S. and come with money back guarantees. Getting a PetHub tag is a no-brainer.

What do you get with the purchase of all PetHub tags?
  • Automatic Bronze Subscription: Unlimited online data for your pet
  • Personalize profile: Add pics and fun tidbits about your pets
  • Connect with cool pet people and services in your area
  • Bragging rights for sportin' the latest in pet ID technology
  • Peace of mind
PetHub Link Tag

I don't know if Bella the one-eye beast sleeps better with her PetHub ScruffTag. I know this Dog-Ma does. Thank you PetHub for restoring my sanity. No more nakedness in the SWD house! Please learn from this DogMa and ID your pets. Their lives may depend on it.
For More Information on PetHub, check out the following links:

PetHub provided the Beast's collar for review.
2/11/2012 03:48:11 am

It's a cool idea, but a lot of people don't have smart phones and won't take a stray dog home to check the computer. Just last week I was taking a walk with my kids and we came across a Lab running about a mile from his house. His address was on his tag; I knew where it was; we took him right home. Also, he was a little nervous about me leading him by his collar (I didn't have anything I could use as a leash with me), but as soon as I called him by his name, he calmed down.

I think I would probably address the jingling by keeping tags to a minimum. If it is clinking against the ring of the tag, you could try wrapping the ring with electric tape.

2/11/2012 04:40:38 am


Appreciate your comment.

So glad you were able to get the lost pup home with relative ease! I love happy endings. Personally, I am not comfortable putting my address on tags, but Bella's PetHub tag includes her name and phone number. Love that all basis are covered.

The Beast only had one jingling tag prior and that thing could make some serious noise . Tag *silencers* didn't work. Never thought about electrical tape. That's a good idea - this DogMa is not that resourceful. :-)

Another problem with dangling tags in the SWD with house, the girls get to wrestling like pros, so occasionally a tag would go flying. I was always afraid somebody was going to choke on one.

PetHub's ScruffTag works great for us -- next SWD member to get one will be crazy Harriet. :-)

2/11/2012 07:02:21 am

great idea. but how will I know when smart is scratching himself? ohh yeah, I can hear him thumping the floor.

2/11/2012 07:57:52 am

Very cool! And Bella looks stunning in the purple collar!

2/11/2012 08:05:52 am

These QR codes have been coming up everywhere and they seem like a good idea. Also a number to call is still listed in case the finder does not have a QR reader. I particularly love these because it is a good way to have lots of info without a dangling tag. Tags can get caught in things and cause strangulation easier than most people think, but there just is not enough room for all your info on those darn skinny tags that slip over buckle collars. Thanks for sharing!

2/11/2012 08:36:36 am

Oh Dog! That sounds like a fantastic collar!

2/11/2012 12:52:03 pm

I have lost many, many name & phone number, license & rabies tags off of collars. I like!

7/10/2012 08:38:54 am

First time to your blog and just wanted to say hello.


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