Sleeps with Dogs
SWD Mobile's newest addition

After posting this pic of the pawsomest of pawsome car magnets today on the SWD Facebook Page,
 a bunch of peeps asked where they can get their own. 
DogMa (that's me) purchased the magnet at an Atlanta Bully Rescue fundraiser. 
So, off I went on an Internet hunt and this is what I found...

Click on the links below to purchase the Peace Love Pit Bulls Car Magnet:

End Dog Fighting (scroll down page)
Dog Toys 
Paws For Celebration

If anyone is able to find a rescue group selling these magnets, 
please leave info in a comment. 

6/24/2012 09:52:14 pm

This is the group selling them at yesterday's fundraiser, but they don't have them on their website. I'm posting because they do have "Sleeps with Pit Bulls" magnets & stickers:)

Mr. Buddy Rose
6/26/2012 02:03:34 am

I need one of these for the BuddyMobile! I do! **WOOF**


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