Sleeps with Dogs
                                                     10 Things I've Learned From My Dogs:

                                    1- It's okay to remain shower-free for long periods of time
                                    2- Shaking your ass does get attention
                                    3- Stalking is an acceptable behavior, esp. when food is involved
                                    4- Napping is good anytime of the day
                                    5- Non-stop talking will get you what you want
                                    6- You can actually sleep with only 50% of your body on the bed
                                    7- Daycare isn't just for kids
                                    8- Love comes in all shapes and sizes
                                    9- It's okay to pee outdoors

                                    10- Individuality makes us all special

Donna Wharton
07/20/2013 21:25

I love and approve! Us humans need to chill

07/23/2013 18:47

Thanks Donna!
Big smoochies to you and Gladys.

07/21/2013 12:42

So wise! Add to that nap line, 'napping anywhere at any time.' No matter where they are, when the mood strikes, it's nap time!

07/23/2013 18:48

Haha - I know that's right.
I'm surrounded by all three girls sleeping right now and One head is snoring as it hangs off the bed.

07/21/2013 17:38

This is my first time stopping by... via the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop.
#1 - I LOVE your list - I agree and approve 100% of all 10!
#2 - I love your header!!

07/23/2013 18:52

Hi Pam!
Thanks for stopping by... and the props on the list and header.
We appreciate it and get all giddy with pawcitement around here when we read pawsome comments, like yours!

08/06/2014 21:25

Haha, I love it. So true.


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