Sleeps with Dogs
The Beast's tail always dances to the sound of DogMa's voice.
Check it out.
Smiles and giggles guaranteed.
4/14/2013 08:47:44 am

This put a smile on my face. It's the simple things in life that matter the most.

4/14/2013 10:01:21 am

OMB. As I I wasn't already in love. And HT just lays there without a care in the world.

mary brenner
4/14/2013 10:38:07 am

That is hysterical :) My boos does the same thing, maybe it's a lab thing!

Linda Riesenbeck
4/14/2013 10:47:54 am

That did put a smile on my face....your babies are just so precious! Hugs and kisses to the paws and peeps at the SWD house. I love you all!


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