Sleeps with Dogs
Thank you to all who participated in our very first giveaway. This was supaw exciting for SWD.
And a big thank you to Dog Tag Art for providing the tag.

Before announcing the winner of a Dog Tag Art pet tag -
 I have to say the words y'all used to describe dogs are pawtastic and touching. 
I loved them all and compiled the list of words here:

Angels, Blessed, Family, Fulfilled, Cherished, Loved, Balanced, Complete, Adoration, Indebted, Whole, Prosperous, Adorable, Obsessed, Inside, Trusting, Committed, Beloved, Enamored, Connected, Pure Love, Lucky, Inspired. 

Without further ado, here is the process in which a random entry was selected.
SWD hat readying for selection
Entries in hat, shaken and stirred
The diva Pig herself selects one entry
And the winner is... Patti!

Congratulations Patti who used the word balanced to described dogs.
DogMa will be sending you an email with details on how to get your new, pawsome Dog Tag Art pet tag.
9/23/2012 09:38:06 pm

Congrats!' I love that the Pig didn't even get off her throne!!! Job well done Piggie!

9/24/2012 04:21:11 am

Congrats to Patti . . . and thanks Piggy & Dogma!

Mr. Buddy Rose
9/25/2012 06:07:49 am

<whine> I yam sorry I did not win, but congratulations to Patti - You're gonna get a really cool Dog Tag Art tag! YAY!


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