Sleeps with Dogs
DOG guides me on the road and through life. To the Sleeps With Dogs crew, I adore you. To the vast community of canines, I thank you. To parents of Pit Bulls, I stand with you. To rescues and dog advocates, I admire you. To those interested in a dog car plaque, I encourage you.
Soon to be added to the SWD mobile...
10/7/2011 07:40:02 am

I know you're thinking Dog is your co-pilot...I'm thinking, if it were me...Piggie would be my co-pilot!

Carolyn Grizzle Wilson
10/7/2011 10:50:35 am

I love it Rachel <3

10/6/2016 02:35:10 pm

The gentle nature and liveliness of the husky makes it the choice of pet for families searching for a long term companion. Yet, care of this magnificent dog


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