Sleeps with Dogs
Bella and Harriet practice their skills every day for relay event.
Go Team SWD!

Until the next practice session...
Harriet Tubman is on the ball.
The Beast's tail always dances to the sound of DogMa's voice.
Check it out.
Smiles and giggles guaranteed.
It was two years ago today,
when a frightened blue Pit Bull appeared at the Sleeps With Dogs' house.
It was late at night and around the young female's neck was
a knotted rope she gnawed through to break free.
 I knew this stray girl needed a name,
so I called her Harriet Tubman because she freed herself.
Harriet spent the night inside the SWD house.

I whisked Harriet to the vet in the morning to check for a microchip and have her health assessed.
No microchip (not that I would've returned her to a neglectful home anyway). 
She was underweight, had mange and was not spayed.
All treatable.
I left the vet's office with meds and hope of finding Harriet a home.
Having not been in this position before, 
I figured finding this youngster a home wouldn't be a problem...
Foster Harriet became this homeless girl's new name.
After Foster Harriet's mange cleared-up and she healed from spay surgery,
she clearly felt better.
It was then I realized Foster Harriet was a wild, untamed whirling dervish of a pooch.
I was blindsided by this high-energy, nutty girl.
You see, DogMa was used to lazy, easily pooped-out dogs. 
Foster Harriet was neither.
For months, I tried to find Foster Harriet a home 
or a rescue with available space (they were all full),
all while attempting to keep my own sanity and limbs with this pawsmanian devilish dog.
Then something pawmazing happened...
Foster Harriet started chasing balls and bringing them back to DogMa.
Over and over.
It saved her life and mine (mostly mine).
The ball provided a welcomed outlet for Foster Harriet's energy
as the search for a home, rescue or other foster continued.
And while I was desperate and overwhelmed at times, 
the only option told to me repeatedly was to dump Foster Harriet at animal control.
That was not an option for DogMa.
Harriet Tubman is a nutty ball of energy.
She is also silly, funny, sweet and supaw smart.
Harriet has several nicknames at the SWD house: 
Tubs, Tubman, Hairball, Hairballsie and Harrry-monster
She is a cuddlebug who insists on sleeping under the covers.
... And DogMa loves her.
After a two year roller coaster ride on The Tubman Express,
today it is official...
Harriet Tubman has found her furever home.
It is right here. 
By now, most of the world has heard about Lennox.
Lennox was killed for what he looked like, not who he was:
a loving, loyal family dog and best friend to a disabled girl. 
What the Belfast City Council did to Lennox is murder. They killed an innocent dog.
I believe Lennox's legacy is bringing the global dog community together to fight Breed Specific Legislation. 
His story has ignited the fight in millions of people. If a dog can be killed for the way he looks, so can we all. 
If someone wants to create laws to do away with brown-eyed people, I'm at risk.
 How many of you would be too? 
That is the absurdity of BSL.

Please join Sleeps with Dogs in the fight against BSL.

I am Lennox. 
You are Lennox. 
We are Lennox.

And DogMa too...
Thank you to our pawmazing pals Snuggle Bulls for this touching tribute video.

For information on Breed Specific Legislation, check out

Temps are on the rise early this year and Piggie is H-O-T!
Watching the Purina Dog Challenge at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, the Pig started to roast.
That's when the panting porker bumped into the guys from ChillSpot - an innovative cooling dog bed.

The ChillSpot replicates the cooling affects of a tile floor. All you have to do is place the four brick-like ChillPods in the freezer then into the compartments they're placed. How cool is that?! (no pun intended)
Check out how the ChillSpot works.

Now as compelled as I was with the concept, I was pretty certain Piggie would have zero to do with the cooling apparatus. The guys asked if she wanted to try it out and after only a few moments, this is what happened...
Piggie chillin' (literally)
I was stunned at the Pig's sense of adventure as she was, well, chillin'.
Piggie workin' the half-chill

For More Information visit:
Foster Harriet's Tree Service is hard at work on Poo Island.