Sleeps with Dogs
Hey Pals - it's the Beast here. 
DogMa appears to be having a ruff time deciding on a SWD tagline.
She recently sent out a plea for help where peeps sent some pawsome suggestions,
but good ol' obsessive DogMa can't commit to any of them.
So please, try to come up with some more ideas. 
I am begging y'all.
Oh and DogMa says, offer still holds...
paw or peep who's tagline is selected 
will get a supaw cool SWD care package!

Bow wow for now,
Bella the One-Eye Beast

P.S. DogMa says she really appreciates the help and she wuffs you all.

Hi fellow paws and peeps too.
Look what I found while wandering around Poo Island -- a standing stick! 
How pawsome is that?!?
DogMa says it's called bamboo and panda bears like to eat the leaves.
Hmmm... pandas are cute. 
I'm cute. 
So, it's paw good.
Looks like a stick
Smells like a stick
Tastes like a stick

Gotta go before my sisters catch on and want to nosh on MY standing stick!
Bow wow for now,

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Bella here, reporting from our new house! I'm lovin' the new digs. There's so much room to explore, wander and just hang out. And the best part (beside Poo Island), I have my very own space. How cool is that! 

For those who don't know me, my name is Bella, but dog-ma calls me Bella the One Eye Beast, One-Eye or just Beast. I just smile and nod. Dog-ma can call me whatever she wants, it doesn't mean I'll answer. teehee.

As for my one eye, the story goes: when I was just a few weeks old, my biological dad accidentally stepped on my tiny head. My eye couldn't be saved and now I rock a crooked nose and pawsome underbite. Don't worry, I'm not in any pain and think I look pretty pawsome, at least that's what dog-ma tells me.

I'm off to stake my spot in the bed. I better hurry, space goes fast!                                                                   
Power to the paw y'all.                                                                  
Until next time,