Sleeps with Dogs
A friend showed me these pawsome tattoos on Dog Milk and I just had to share. Are they woofin' cool or what! 

The fido finger art got me thinkin' about SWD crew tattoos.

I was inked in honor of my dearly departed Ellie after she passed. Now, I want to honor my 13-year old boy who is doing pretty well for an old guy. My dilemma -- I can't decide on a design worthy of my Blu. As my first dog, Blu and I've shared the last nine years together. The Ellie tattoo was an easy choice -- the heart and bone design was in her food bowl. I took the bowl with me to Timeless Tattoo  in Atlanta where Ryan did a pawfect job personalizing the tattoo. Now what does Dog-Ma do for Blu.

So my questions to y'all:

1) Do you have a dog tattoo?  (if yes, what does your design look like)
2) Any tattoo suggestions for me and my Blu?
Ellie Mae
Ellie's grub bowl
Always on my mind... and in my heart