Sleeps with Dogs
This Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to pooches fighting for a cause.
Our pal, Zoey's mission:
~ To spread pit bull love, and dispel myths, while raising funds and awareness 
to help find a cure for canine cancer 
through the Love Adds Up for a Cure sticker campaign. ~

Lucy supports Zoey in her valiant efforts to knock canine cancer out of the park
 and is seen here wearing Zoey's Colors of Love TuTu.
These furiends are in it together. 

Lucy also promotes the goodness in shelter dogs, adopt-don't-shop and spay/neuter.
She's a pawsomely passionate Pit bull .

Sleeps with Dogs joins Zoey and Lucy 
in their efforts to make this world a better place for dogs.


For more information on Lucy's World, check out her:
Facebook page

 For more information on Zoey Says Stick It To Canine Cancer, check out her:
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For more information on Pit Bulls, Check out Pit Bull Rescue Central's:
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It was two years ago today,
when a frightened blue Pit Bull appeared at the Sleeps With Dogs' house.
It was late at night and around the young female's neck was
a knotted rope she gnawed through to break free.
 I knew this stray girl needed a name,
so I called her Harriet Tubman because she freed herself.
Harriet spent the night inside the SWD house.

I whisked Harriet to the vet in the morning to check for a microchip and have her health assessed.
No microchip (not that I would've returned her to a neglectful home anyway). 
She was underweight, had mange and was not spayed.
All treatable.
I left the vet's office with meds and hope of finding Harriet a home.
Having not been in this position before, 
I figured finding this youngster a home wouldn't be a problem...
Foster Harriet became this homeless girl's new name.
After Foster Harriet's mange cleared-up and she healed from spay surgery,
she clearly felt better.
It was then I realized Foster Harriet was a wild, untamed whirling dervish of a pooch.
I was blindsided by this high-energy, nutty girl.
You see, DogMa was used to lazy, easily pooped-out dogs. 
Foster Harriet was neither.
For months, I tried to find Foster Harriet a home 
or a rescue with available space (they were all full),
all while attempting to keep my own sanity and limbs with this pawsmanian devilish dog.
Then something pawmazing happened...
Foster Harriet started chasing balls and bringing them back to DogMa.
Over and over.
It saved her life and mine (mostly mine).
The ball provided a welcomed outlet for Foster Harriet's energy
as the search for a home, rescue or other foster continued.
And while I was desperate and overwhelmed at times, 
the only option told to me repeatedly was to dump Foster Harriet at animal control.
That was not an option for DogMa.
Harriet Tubman is a nutty ball of energy.
She is also silly, funny, sweet and supaw smart.
Harriet has several nicknames at the SWD house: 
Tubs, Tubman, Hairball, Hairballsie and Harrry-monster
She is a cuddlebug who insists on sleeping under the covers.
... And DogMa loves her.
After a two year roller coaster ride on The Tubman Express,
today it is official...
Harriet Tubman has found her furever home.
It is right here. 
This Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to a special Pit Bull who pawsevered.
Introducing Betsy (aka Bella) from Betsy & Pups.
Betsy was dumped at a shelter while full-bellied pregnant. 
In stepped the pawmazing Beth (Piggie's former FosterMa) 
and the pawsome  Animal Action Rescue.

Beth fostered Betsy before, during and after she birthed eleven healthy puppies. 
Betsy has since been spayed and promotes spaying and neutering for all pets.
Betsy is now living the good life with Beth's mother-in-law and all her puppies have been adopted.
Mama B - you showed us all the true meaning of unconditional love.
This Tutu Tuesday is for you.
Betsy tutu'd up on National Pit Bull Awareness Day 2012
February 2012

For more information on Betsy & Pups, check out their 
Facebook Page

For more information on Animal Action Rescue, check out their
Facebook Page

For more information on Maggie Fan Photography, check out her
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Katherine Heigl hates balls and well, we aren't so fond of them either. With the gross pet over-population problem in this country, it is vital to have your pet spayed or neutered. And, it's totally hip to be ball-less, just ask the SWD patriarch, Blu. Losing his dangling parts improved Blu's life from the very first time he sat down, if you know what I mean.

There are many organizations around the country offering low cost spay and neuter services - just do a Google search for a group in our area. It saves lives. 

Here's Katherine Heigl to give you her take on balls. And don't forget to check out too. Enjoy!
I couldn't have said this better myself, So what did I do? Promptly ordered one of these poignant pawsome totes. Check out MyAnimalActivist Righteous Bitch's Collection for a Balls Sack and other products.

Can't wait for my new tote's arrival to help spread the word about spaying and neutering. If y'all haven't seen the numbers yet, prepare yourselves to be blown away by the chart below. Spaying and neutering your pets clearly saves live.