Sleeps with Dogs
Thank you Gladys,
for being your pawsome senior self and
for showing us all that tutuness knows no age.
This Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to your glorious beauty,
inside and out.

For more information on Gladys, check out her:
Facebook Page

For more information on Pit Bulls, check out Pit Bull Rescue Central's:
Facebook Page

                                                                     Mr. BUddy Rose
                                                                    Mr. WiLson the Elderbull
Mr. Buddy Rose
Mr. Wilson

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With the confidence of seeing Mr. Buddy Rose as last week's Tutu Tuesday Supaw model, Walter shows us all his courage and spunk. Old Man Walter was found wobbling across a busy street when a compassionate, caring woman swooped in and saved him. He is being cared for by this woman until the old guy finds a furever home. 
Today's Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to Old Man Walter and homeless pets everywhere, esp. seniors. 
Thank you Jenny for saving this sweet-soul and for having a heart of pure gold. 
Please share Walter far and wide -- lets find him a loving home for his retirement years! 
He is currently in Atlanta.

From Walter's pawmazing Fosterma:
"This sweet old man needs a new home where he gets the love and care that he needs as he continues to age. 
He doesn't ask for much- he is very unassuming, and is happy with a little time and attention. 
He can't walk very far because of his legs, but if you do a lap around the yard with him, he will stay at your side. 
If you want to make him REALLY happy, give him a brush down- he is in heaven!"

For more information about wonderful Walter, please contact DogMa:
  Representin' for dudes this Tutu Tuesday, my beloved boy Blu.
He was a sweet boy, a dogmama's boy and a good boy.
So for distinguished dudes everywhere...
Happy Tutu Tuesday!
10/25/98 - 1/6/12
Who will be the first dude to carry on the tutu torch for Blu?
Could it be Mr. Buddy Rose?

Mr. Buddy Tutu?

If you think Buddy should put on a tutu, head over to his Facebook page and tell him. 
We'll see you there!
Pawty goers at a recent birthday celebration for Mr. Wilson the Elderbull and is brother, Fatboy.
In the sea of hats, bowties, poker-faced Lottie and George in a basket...
stood a tutu'd Pig.
Happy Tutu Tuesday paws and peeps!

Pawty Animals
Having a monkey on your back could be...

pile of bills
pile of crap in house
dust bunnies the size of gorillas
toxic job
aging car
unwanted stalker

clingy coworker
husband, wife, partner, significant other.

In Ginger's case, it's a Chihuahua named TBone.
It was a few days after Blu crossed-over to the Rainbow Bridge. I walked across the foot bridge to Poo Island and there, on the fence post, was a ladybug. I knew immediately it was Blu. Crazy huh? Perhaps, but Blu would so be a ladybug. He was a big, strappin' dude with a girlie side. I can't help but chuckle a bit.
Confirmation of Blu's newly defined bugness came a couple days later when, again on Poo Island,  he appeared on a bamboo chute. I was giddy with delight.
Now, when I see my sweet, old guy in the yard, I smile and say, "Hi Blu."  

Remind me to one day tell y'all how Donkey the wonder Weim is a black moth.
Nine years ago, my life changed forever. It was the moment I waited my entire life for - I adopted my first dog - from the Atlanta Humane Society. The four-year-old handsome hound mix's name was Blue. I dropped the "e" so my boy wouldn't have bad memories of his life before that fateful day, October 25, 2003. 

I remember how Blu gave me a kiss during our ride home from the Humane Society. It was then, I knew we were meant to share our lives. Blu was the inspiration behind Sleeps with Dogs.
Blu Moon Webb (Spring 2004)

Blu was a true Dog-ma's boy. He liked to just hang and chill near his mom, esp. while basking in some sunlight. He also loved treats any time and all the time.
Blu chillin' at Auntie Jeannie's (Fall 2003)
Blu loved to sun himself (Summer 2009)

Blu loved visiting his Auntie Jeannie's lake house in South Carolina. He enjoyed soaking in the fresh air while cruising on the lake. Blu truly felt like he was on vacation and always cherished every minute of his stay. Blu loved life, surrounded by the people and pooches he adored.
Blu cruises Lake Murray (Spring 2010)
Cousin Gracie, Blu, Sister Ellie (Fall 2007)

January 6th was a devastatingly sad day. While in Dog-Ma's arms, Blu crossed to the bridge. He took a big piece of me with him. He was my first. He was my heart. He was my boy. He was my Blu. Run free my love. Thank you for the last 9 years. They were the best with you. ♥  
10/25/98 - 1/6/12
The howlidays are here and bad Dog-Ma didn't take any pics of the SWD crew. So here are some of my favs from Christmas past. Enjoy the sleigh ride down memory lane.
Blu's first Christmas as inaugural member of the SWD crew. Circa 2002
Blu, Ellie and Cousin Gracie audition for Santa Paws
Santa Donkey couldn't stay awake long enough to deliver treats and toys
Foster Harriet or Grinchdog?
Bella the One-Eye Reindog
Pick me Santa Paws!
Dog-Ma's favorite howliday pic. Piggie's first SWD Christmas with smiling Beast and Elder Blu. Circa 2010
I'm thankful for...

1) My sweet boy Blu 
2) A One-Eye Beast
3) Piggie the ambassadog
4) Foster Harriet's safety

5) Dr. Miller at The Village Vets for taking care of my babies and indulging my bazillion questions
6) A surviving pair of flip flops - thanks Beast!
7) Corner of bed allowed by the SWD crew

8) The Buffalo Bills beat Micheal Vick this season
9) Friends and Family who accept me as the crazy Dog-Ma lady
10) No BSL in my city

11) Dog advocates and rescues everywhere
12) SWD'ers near and far

13) You
Happy Thanksgiving from Dog-Ma and the SWD Crew!