Sleeps with Dogs
The Yellow Dog Project is a global movement 
for parents of dogs that need space (aka DINOS, Dogs In Need Of Space).  
We fully support this pawsome movement 
and will be putting a yellow ribbon on Harriet Tubman after she has knee surgery. 
We thank you The Yellow Dog Project and applaud your efforts to keep all our pups safe!
Let's all join together and help spread the word about The Yellow Dog Project. 
The more peeps that know about yellow leash ribbons, the safer all our pups will be!
Who's on board with DogMa and the SWD crew?!

For more information on The Yellow Dog Project, click on these links:
DINOS™ are GOOD Dogs, They Just Need Space! Looking for more? Check out: for more stories, resources, and the Team DINOS store!
We fully support DINOS. 
DINOS and The Yellow Dog Project are working together to make our pooches safer out in public. 
We give them all a big Sleeps with Dogs round of barks and woofs!
Check out DINOS Facebook Page for more information.
Thank you to all who participated in our very first giveaway. This was supaw exciting for SWD.
And a big thank you to Dog Tag Art for providing the tag.

Before announcing the winner of a Dog Tag Art pet tag -
 I have to say the words y'all used to describe dogs are pawtastic and touching. 
I loved them all and compiled the list of words here:

Angels, Blessed, Family, Fulfilled, Cherished, Loved, Balanced, Complete, Adoration, Indebted, Whole, Prosperous, Adorable, Obsessed, Inside, Trusting, Committed, Beloved, Enamored, Connected, Pure Love, Lucky, Inspired. 

Without further ado, here is the process in which a random entry was selected.
SWD hat readying for selection
Entries in hat, shaken and stirred
The diva Pig herself selects one entry
And the winner is... Patti!

Congratulations Patti who used the word balanced to described dogs.
DogMa will be sending you an email with details on how to get your new, pawsome Dog Tag Art pet tag.
Who strapped the family dog to the car roof while the luggage rode inside?
Mitt Romney, that's who!
That's right paws and peeps - Crate-Gate is the bark heard 'round the country this presidential campaign. 
Romney admits to putting the family pooch on the roof for a 12 hour family road trip 
and his wife says they traveled this way all the time
DogMa has no words, well actually she has a mouthful, 
but best to let the photo below do the speaking.
Dogs Against Romney is a grasspaws movement lead by the furtastic Rusty,
who is educating the public about Romney's treatment of his pet.
We applaud Rusty and join his efforts in getting the word out.
It's not about Repawblicans or Dempawcrats.
It's about humanity and compassion.
 Join us in supporting 
Dogs Against Romney.

We are the Sleeps With Dogs Crew and WE RIDE INSIDE!

For more information about Dogs Against Romney
check out the following links:

We are Piggie, Bella and Harriet and we approve this message.
"Dog Tag Art is a website for pet lovers, artists and fans to show off 
their creativity with cool ID tags and pet photos."
When Dog Tag Art asked me to review their pet ID tags, I said sure. 
What I didn't realize is how long it would take me to place an order. 
Categories like Vintage and Retro, Lupine Patterns and Funny Slogans 
kept me wildly indecisive for days, well okay, weeks. 
There are just so many pawsome tags to choose from - AND you can customize your own ID tags too! 
The tags are pawsitively wooferiffic! They are fun, creative and good quality.
Dog Tag Art also offers accessories - including plastic silencers for the tags - which I highly recommend.
And because Dog Tag Art offers leather necklaces, I can wear Blu's tag.

During the labor pawtensive selection process, I decided Harriet Tubman needed an ID tag. 
Call DogMa crazy, after 18 months as a stray-turned-foster-turned-possible-keeper,
 H needed an official identity. She got a star.
Then I opted for a custom designed tag for SWD. How cool is that!?! 
Peeps can now even deck their own dogs out with a SWD tag. They are available for purchase.
And finally, I stumbled upon a ladybug with BLUE dots. Had to have it.  
With each tag, I selected what was imprinted on the back, the fonts and sizing. 
Love the personalized options.
Harriet's FIRST tag since finding her way to the SWD house as a stray
Piggie rockin' the SWD tag
Lookin' good
Honoring my Blu
DogMa's Blu necklace

For a fee, Dog Tag Art also offers a service on their website to help reunite lost pets with their owners. 
Check out the following video to learn more about their Virtual Leash program.

For more information about Dog Art Tag's pawsomeness click on the links below:

Dog Tag Art provided Harriet's tag and the SWD tag free of charge for review.
With several paw pals recently diagnosed with skin cancer, now is the pawfect time to remind our peeps the importance of using sunscreen, esp. on light colored, short-haired pups, like Piggie. 
The SWD oinker loves to bask in the sunshine, so DogMa slathers her up with protection.
We currently use Aroma Paws *Fur Conditioning Treatment with Sunscreen*
But, there are plenty of doggie sunscreens to chose from.
Roasted Pork Loin
Roasted Pork Belly

Here are some pawtastic sun protection products available on the market.

Click on the photos for links to more product information.
Aroma Paws is all natural and chemical free
Vet's Best - All Natural Sun Relief Spray
Solar Rx Sunblock is chemical free and gentle
Slather-up or cover-up your pups this Summer y'all - Let's keep 'em moist and healthy. 
It's National Pet ID Week and the pawsome folks at PetHub want your pet to be protected.  They are giving away their woofferific, innovative ID tags for just the cost of their shipping and handling -- $2. With each tag you also get a free basic membership to That's right, for two bucks you can rest easily knowing your beloved pet will return home safely and quickly, if ever fido or fluffy go on unauthorized adventures, like the Beast. Check out our recent post - PetHub's Scrufftag Saves this Dogma - for details of the Beast's wanderlust naughtiness.
Impawtant details about the PetHub giveaway:

• Promo runs through Sun (4/22)
• $2 per tag… no hidden fees
• US Only
• Click here to order:  PetHub ID Tag Giveaway 

I have a confession to make. When Bella is home, she roams the house in her birthday suit. The jingling of her tags took what little sanity this Dog-Ma had left. So, in a move of sheer desperation, Bella's collar was removed. Now, going collarless was never a problem with the other SWD pooches... but they weren't a wild, one-eye Lab with a taste for adventure. 

More than once, the small backyard creek tempted Bella. She'd get the wanderlust and take-off down the shallow trail. There was no pattern to her delinquency. She'd just look at me, laugh and trot away. Funny, she had no problem with only one eye, but her hearing instantly failed at these moments known as Creekisodes.
Poo Island inmate #000001 -- Crime: Unlawful Escape

When the folks at PetHub asked if I'd be interested in reviewing their ScruffTag ID collar, I said yes and knew immediately which SWD crew member would be the tester. 

PetHub is an innovative way to ID your pets. With the use of modern technology, people can access vital information at the touch of a finger -- with any smartphone or computer. Each PetHub ID tag is designed with a QR code that when scanned, quickly displays the pet's online profile with info provided by the owner. Don't have a smartphone? No problem. The data is easily accessible on PetHub's website. It's pretty pawsome. 
PetHub ScruffTag Collar

The day Bella's purple ScruffTag collar arrived in the mail, I practically ripped-open the package with my teeth. Okay, that is exactly what I did.  My first impression:  I loved the collar's sturdiness and deep plum color -- Purple was the pawfect choice for my handsome girl.  

The adjustable collar fits pawtastically around Bella's furry neck. She wears her ScruffTag collar 24/7. Oh and listen... do you hear that? I don't either! NO clankity clank of a heavy, hanging tag. This Dog-Ma is in love with PetHub and their pawsome collar.  Bella immediately went from juvenile delinquent to coolest paw on the block.
Escape artist gets tagged

PetHub also offers the Link Tag. Its made of anodized aluminum and light in weight (minimal sound). All PetHub Tags are made in the U.S. and come with money back guarantees. Getting a PetHub tag is a no-brainer.

What do you get with the purchase of all PetHub tags?
  • Automatic Bronze Subscription: Unlimited online data for your pet
  • Personalize profile: Add pics and fun tidbits about your pets
  • Connect with cool pet people and services in your area
  • Bragging rights for sportin' the latest in pet ID technology
  • Peace of mind
PetHub Link Tag

I don't know if Bella the one-eye beast sleeps better with her PetHub ScruffTag. I know this Dog-Ma does. Thank you PetHub for restoring my sanity. No more nakedness in the SWD house! Please learn from this DogMa and ID your pets. Their lives may depend on it.
For More Information on PetHub, check out the following links:

PetHub provided the Beast's collar for review.
Dog-ma here to say.... Collar up!
I am not talking about becoming priests, or police officers… I am talking about your dogs! Get an identification tag and hang it around your beloved pet’s neck. It is simple and can cost as little or as much as you want. Sure you can get the finest designer leather collar for your pooch or you can even use a piece of yarn. Whatever it takes - get your dog prepared for the outside world, in the event he or she becomes lost. 
                                                               (heart tag from Jazzy Tags)

Now, I am clearly a magnet for the lost and confused. Just the other day, I spotted two canine buddies frolicking in my neighbor’s front yard. They were obviously lost. After wooing them with my charm and the promise of water, I lured them to the safety of my yard. Upon further examination, I realized they were naked. No collars. No Identification, Nada. Zip. Zilch.

After using my own dogs collars and leashes to wrangle the two escapees, I loaded them into the car and set off to scour nearby neighborhoods for their owner. It was obvious the two outlaws were somebody’s pets. After a couple hours of searching, I found the owner. He was relieved to have his four legged family members back and I was thankful to reunite the delighted threesome.

This entire ordeal could have been avoided with a simple ID tag. Had there been a name and phone number adorning the bewildered dogs, I could have delivered the precious goods in minutes.