Sleeps with Dogs
The Sleeps with Dogs fundraiser comes to an end this weekend,
but it's not too late to order some pawsome swag from Bully Mart and PetHub.
Get yourself some sweet SWD bracelets, key chain, decal or  get a BSL BITES bracelet or tag.
When you're done hooking yourself up, 
head on over to PetHub and get your pooch a supaw cool tag!
The money raised will go to dogs in need. 
Is there anything more wooferrific?!
Our pals at Bully Mart are donating a portion from each sale. 
So, the more purchases, equals more money going to dogs in need. 
Check out what Bully Mart has to offer by clicking on the link: 

Our peeps at PetHub are offering a pawmazing deal for the SWD Fundraiser. 
Till the end of March, you can order PetHub's tags for 20% off the price... 
AND (DogMa's fav part) they will donate 20% of each order to our fundraiser. 
There are lots of cool tags to chose from. 
 Click on the link to order: Shop PetHub
and use code: SWD20 to receive the 20% discount.
Where will the SWD fundraising money go?

When you order a SWD fundraiser item from Bully Mart and PetHub,  
you will be helping this mom and her baby girl. 
The stray pregnant Pit Bull was rescued by an amazing couple in North Georgia, 
just a few days before giving birth. 
They named the mom Mia and and her only puppy, Myrical.

Mia and Myrical are two of the dozen homeless dogs rescued by Shasta and Rick Matthews. 
You may have also seen a post on our Facebook page about a deaf boy named Casino 
and a starving boy, now named Lucky
They were also rescued by Shasta and her husband. 

Shasta and Rick are not a 501c rescue yet, but will be one day. 
They are, however, legit -- the real deal. 
Check out their open group on Facebook:
Matthews Animal Rescue
Mia and Myrical
Shasta and Rick are just a young couple with two small children 
who care deeply about these otherwise discarded animals. 
They are on a very limited income and yet 
the animals and children always come first in their house. 

Shasta wrote this about the photo below:

 Cuddle bugs.. I bet most people can't say they can bring this many dogs in
that have been abused and thrown out to the streets 
and everyone of them love each other my kids, myself and my husband. 
And this isn't even all of them. 
We didn't save them they saved us...

I have chosen Shasta and Rick 
to receive half the money raised in the SWD Fundraiser 
(the amount will be matched by me, DogMa). 
The other recipient will be a local Pit Bull rescue,
chosen by SWD fans through a Facebook vote.

From the bottom of my heart, 
thank you for supporting Sleeps with Dogs
and dogs in need.
Dash and his littermates were rescued the day they were born by Friends To The Forlorn
a pawsome Pit Bull rescue group in Georgia.
Fast forward: 
Dash is now 3 years old and livin' the life of a celebridog in his furever home.
He is an ambassadog and a print model. 
Dash has appeared on the cover of the Friends To The Forlorn calendar, 
was Mr. April in last year’s The Unexpected Pit Bull calendar,
 was on a cover of Tails magazine
 and he is on a Pit Bull Rescue Central credit card.

Dash’s turn-ons are walks, Big Daddy Biscuits, and raw food. 
Dash’s turn-offs are off-leash dogs and car rides.

When Dash dresses up in ladies clothes, he proudly goes by the name *Mrs. Dash*

This Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to Pit Bulls everywhere 
and the pawmazing people who love and accept them.
*Mrs Dash*
*Mrs Dash* is a dancing machine
*Mrs Dash* knows how to work a tutu

A special thank you to Atlanta Underdog Initiative's Liz Henderson, 
for adopting Dash and sharing his pawsomeness with us.

For more information on Atlanta Underdog Initiative, check out their:
Facebook Page
Thank you to all who participated 
in the SWD Howliday Giveaway.
This DogMa loved reading the pawtastically fun nicknames for your pups. 

So without further ado, 
here is the scientifically, random selection process for the winner of a
Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue 2013 calendar
featuring Piggie as Miss May...
Sizing it up.
Hat loaded with entry names
Selection process begins
Piggie paws a winner
And the winner is... Cori!
Congratulations Cori! 
We'll drop you an email for mailing instructions. 
Cori says, " Draco has several nicknames, my favorite however for him is "D-Dawg"
We think that's pawsitively adorable.

For more information on Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue, check out their:
Facebook Page

For more information on Shelter Angel's Pit Bull Rescue Calendar and to purchase calendars, check out:
Facebook Page
When Piggie is not sprawled-out and snoring on DogMa's Best Ever Device,
The oinker can be found on her second favorite BED, 
where the Diva Pig puts the lounge in chaise lounge.
This pink, zebra print, swanky lounge chair (or BED) is fit for this Pig Star.
A big thank you goes out to Piggie's former FosterMa, Beth, 
who scored the Pig her very own barkeriffic Best Ever Device    
All Hail the Pig
Some say soo-ey... I say spoiled.
When the pawsome PetHub folks asked me to rep for them at BarkWorld,
 the social petworking conference held in Atlanta, 
I immediately said yes. 
PetHub swag in BarkWorld bag of goodies
PetHub's motto is - Protect. Share. Nurture. - and that is exactly what they do 
with their pawtastic state of the art digital tags and online protection plan.
Both Piggie and the Beast wear PetHub's ScruffTag Collars and love them. 
Check out SWD's PetHub Review to see why.

On Friday (10/26/02), with my PetHub tee shirt on, Piggie and I set out for BarkWorld.
Here is our report.
This tee shirt says it all about PetHub
Pig makes a grand entrance on the red carpet with her PetHub ScruffTag Collar and of course, a tutu.
Bloggers, companies and social influencers
We met a lot of supaw cool people and paws and chatted about the pawsomeness that is PetHub.
The Pig and I yapped all day (well the Oinker mainly demanded belly rubs) 
and had a blast talking about PetHub's guest blogging programs. 
If you received info from me, please contact PetHub. 
For those bloggers I was unable to hound, 
please contact PetHub if you're interested in pursuing guest blogging opportunities
or contact me at and I'll hook you up with the info.
PetHub is pawtastic and totally cool and has the DogMa seal of pawroval.
Carma Poodale rocks her PetHub ScruffTag Collar
Jasmine gives a barkout to PetHub

For More Information on PetHub, check out the following links:

This Tutu Tuesday is all about being social and the diva pig is one social butterfly.
Piggie was the pit of the ball at last week's BarkWorld social petworking conference in Atlanta,
where she worked the crowd for belly rubs, pettings and treats.
So, Pittie peeps, get your babies out there and socialize.
   It's fun for you and them.
October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month.
Please help spread the word about these pawmazing dogs.
Friday at BarkworldDogMa and Piggie repped for the pawsome folks at PetHub 
(note the Pig's supaw cool collar with digital tag)
The pig is diva'd out for the night
Stay tuned for a post on our pawventures with the pupperazzi and representin' for PetHub at BarkWorld .
We met some pawsomely, pawtastic paws and peeps.
We are supaw excited about Sleeps With Dogs first fundraiser.
Thanks to the pawsome folks at Bully Mart,
Sales in their fundraiser section will go to rescue groups selected by SWD.
All you have to do is select Sleeps With Dogs under BSL BITES FUNDRAISER BENEFICIARY
when ordering BSL BITES bracelets and collars.
Vegan options are available.
Fundraiser ends October 30th.

Get a jump-start on your howliday shopping while supporting Pit Bulls.
Let's raise lots of money for pitties.
Funds raised will be split between the Pit Bull rescue responsible for saving our Piggie
- Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue -
and another rescue to be voted on by SWD'ers.

For more information on Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue, check out their:
Facebook Page

For more information on Bully Mart, check out their:
Facebook Page

For more information on Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), check out:

 It's Nap Time at the SWD house.
And this week's Best Ever Devices are... Bowsers beds.

Over the years, SWD crew members have enjoyed these luxurious Best Ever Devices.
DogMa says, "What's not to love!"
 Bowsers beds are the Cadillac of Best Ever Devices. 
 They are plush, comfy, durable and can be disassembled for cleaning.
And there are a plethora of styles to choose from.

For more information on Bowsers beds, check out their website.
SWD pals Lola and Lottie share their Bowsers bed
Photo courtesy: The Whole Dog Market
BED is a pawpular word at the Sleeps With Dogs house.
In fact, The SWD crew thinks it means Best Ever Device.
 The girls' favorite pawstime is lounging on Best Ever Devices - mine, theirs, anyone's. 
Since beds are a huge part of the SWD pawstyle,
DogMa decided a new blog segment was in order.
Introducing -- Nap Time -- a weekly SWD blog 
where a different dog bed will be featured or some weeks, just pics of dogs in beds. 

To kick things off...
The SWD crew in their favorite Best Ever Device.
Thank you to all who participated in our very first giveaway. This was supaw exciting for SWD.
And a big thank you to Dog Tag Art for providing the tag.

Before announcing the winner of a Dog Tag Art pet tag -
 I have to say the words y'all used to describe dogs are pawtastic and touching. 
I loved them all and compiled the list of words here:

Angels, Blessed, Family, Fulfilled, Cherished, Loved, Balanced, Complete, Adoration, Indebted, Whole, Prosperous, Adorable, Obsessed, Inside, Trusting, Committed, Beloved, Enamored, Connected, Pure Love, Lucky, Inspired. 

Without further ado, here is the process in which a random entry was selected.
SWD hat readying for selection
Entries in hat, shaken and stirred
The diva Pig herself selects one entry
And the winner is... Patti!

Congratulations Patti who used the word balanced to described dogs.
DogMa will be sending you an email with details on how to get your new, pawsome Dog Tag Art pet tag.