Sleeps with Dogs
Bella and Harriet practice their skills every day for relay event.
Go Team SWD!

Until the next practice session...
Harriet Tubman is on the ball.
Hi fellow paws and peeps too.
Look what I found while wandering around Poo Island -- a standing stick! 
How pawsome is that?!?
DogMa says it's called bamboo and panda bears like to eat the leaves.
Hmmm... pandas are cute. 
I'm cute. 
So, it's paw good.
Looks like a stick
Smells like a stick
Tastes like a stick

Gotta go before my sisters catch on and want to nosh on MY standing stick!
Bow wow for now,

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Foster Harriet's Tree Service is hard at work on Poo Island.
It was a few days after Blu crossed-over to the Rainbow Bridge. I walked across the foot bridge to Poo Island and there, on the fence post, was a ladybug. I knew immediately it was Blu. Crazy huh? Perhaps, but Blu would so be a ladybug. He was a big, strappin' dude with a girlie side. I can't help but chuckle a bit.
Confirmation of Blu's newly defined bugness came a couple days later when, again on Poo Island,  he appeared on a bamboo chute. I was giddy with delight.
Now, when I see my sweet, old guy in the yard, I smile and say, "Hi Blu."  

Remind me to one day tell y'all how Donkey the wonder Weim is a black moth.
The ghosts of Poo Island rehearse for their big day