Sleeps with Dogs
Who strapped the family dog to the car roof while the luggage rode inside?
Mitt Romney, that's who!
That's right paws and peeps - Crate-Gate is the bark heard 'round the country this presidential campaign. 
Romney admits to putting the family pooch on the roof for a 12 hour family road trip 
and his wife says they traveled this way all the time
DogMa has no words, well actually she has a mouthful, 
but best to let the photo below do the speaking.
Dogs Against Romney is a grasspaws movement lead by the furtastic Rusty,
who is educating the public about Romney's treatment of his pet.
We applaud Rusty and join his efforts in getting the word out.
It's not about Repawblicans or Dempawcrats.
It's about humanity and compassion.
 Join us in supporting 
Dogs Against Romney.

We are the Sleeps With Dogs Crew and WE RIDE INSIDE!

For more information about Dogs Against Romney
check out the following links:

We are Piggie, Bella and Harriet and we approve this message.