Sleeps with Dogs
The howlidays are here and bad Dog-Ma didn't take any pics of the SWD crew. So here are some of my favs from Christmas past. Enjoy the sleigh ride down memory lane.
Blu's first Christmas as inaugural member of the SWD crew. Circa 2002
Blu, Ellie and Cousin Gracie audition for Santa Paws
Santa Donkey couldn't stay awake long enough to deliver treats and toys
Foster Harriet or Grinchdog?
Bella the One-Eye Reindog
Pick me Santa Paws!
Dog-Ma's favorite howliday pic. Piggie's first SWD Christmas with smiling Beast and Elder Blu. Circa 2010
I'm thankful for...

1) My sweet boy Blu 
2) A One-Eye Beast
3) Piggie the ambassadog
4) Foster Harriet's safety

5) Dr. Miller at The Village Vets for taking care of my babies and indulging my bazillion questions
6) A surviving pair of flip flops - thanks Beast!
7) Corner of bed allowed by the SWD crew

8) The Buffalo Bills beat Micheal Vick this season
9) Friends and Family who accept me as the crazy Dog-Ma lady
10) No BSL in my city

11) Dog advocates and rescues everywhere
12) SWD'ers near and far

13) You
Happy Thanksgiving from Dog-Ma and the SWD Crew!
In honor of my favorite time of the year, I'm testing out a new name for Bella...
Jackie O. Lantern

What do y'all think?