Sleeps with Dogs
Betty Boop has a winning smile and pawsome style.
This tuturiffic Pit Bull beauty was rescued from a shelter in San Jose, CA
and is now a foster with the pawmazing folks at Sharing a Life.
We have all our fingers and paws crossed for Betty Boop.
She will soon be available for adoption 
through the supaw Pit Bull and Chihuahua rescue, Our Pack, inc
Please help spread the word about Betty Boop.
Thanks everypawdy.
You're never fully dressed without a smile... and a tutu.
Betty Boop is the poop.

For more info on Sharing a life, check out their:
Facebook Page

For more info on Our Pack, Inc., check out their:
Facebook Page

Who doesn't love a sweet, pocket pittie?
That is what you'll get with the lovely Gemmie,
and bonus, she looks pawtastic in a tutu!
Gemmie is currently being fostered by the founder of Stubby's Heroes
Pit Bull advocate and friend, Johanna.
Jo has this to say about Gemmie:

Gemmie is my foster dog through Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue
She is about 2-3, lives with other dogs, both female and male. 
She loves, loves, loves her ball and does not miss a meal! 
She weighs about 30lbs, is a petite Pittie 
and enjoys laying outside to just watch the clouds move. 
I love this little girl. 

For information on how to adopt Gemmie, please visit 
 Friends of the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue.
Please share far and wide for Gemmie.
She is currently located in the Atlanta, GA area.

For more info on Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, check out their:
Facebook Page

For more info on Stubby's Heroes, Check out their:
Facebook Page
This Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to pooches fighting for a cause.
Our pal, Zoey's mission:
~ To spread pit bull love, and dispel myths, while raising funds and awareness 
to help find a cure for canine cancer 
through the Love Adds Up for a Cure sticker campaign. ~

Lucy supports Zoey in her valiant efforts to knock canine cancer out of the park
 and is seen here wearing Zoey's Colors of Love TuTu.
These furiends are in it together. 

Lucy also promotes the goodness in shelter dogs, adopt-don't-shop and spay/neuter.
She's a pawsomely passionate Pit bull .

Sleeps with Dogs joins Zoey and Lucy 
in their efforts to make this world a better place for dogs.


For more information on Lucy's World, check out her:
Facebook page

 For more information on Zoey Says Stick It To Canine Cancer, check out her:
Facebook Page
Youtube Channel

For more information on Pit Bulls, Check out Pit Bull Rescue Central's:
Facebook Page
The Sleeps with Dogs fundraiser comes to an end this weekend,
but it's not too late to order some pawsome swag from Bully Mart and PetHub.
Get yourself some sweet SWD bracelets, key chain, decal or  get a BSL BITES bracelet or tag.
When you're done hooking yourself up, 
head on over to PetHub and get your pooch a supaw cool tag!
The money raised will go to dogs in need. 
Is there anything more wooferrific?!
Our pals at Bully Mart are donating a portion from each sale. 
So, the more purchases, equals more money going to dogs in need. 
Check out what Bully Mart has to offer by clicking on the link: 

Our peeps at PetHub are offering a pawmazing deal for the SWD Fundraiser. 
Till the end of March, you can order PetHub's tags for 20% off the price... 
AND (DogMa's fav part) they will donate 20% of each order to our fundraiser. 
There are lots of cool tags to chose from. 
 Click on the link to order: Shop PetHub
and use code: SWD20 to receive the 20% discount.
Where will the SWD fundraising money go?

When you order a SWD fundraiser item from Bully Mart and PetHub,  
you will be helping this mom and her baby girl. 
The stray pregnant Pit Bull was rescued by an amazing couple in North Georgia, 
just a few days before giving birth. 
They named the mom Mia and and her only puppy, Myrical.

Mia and Myrical are two of the dozen homeless dogs rescued by Shasta and Rick Matthews. 
You may have also seen a post on our Facebook page about a deaf boy named Casino 
and a starving boy, now named Lucky
They were also rescued by Shasta and her husband. 

Shasta and Rick are not a 501c rescue yet, but will be one day. 
They are, however, legit -- the real deal. 
Check out their open group on Facebook:
Matthews Animal Rescue
Mia and Myrical
Shasta and Rick are just a young couple with two small children 
who care deeply about these otherwise discarded animals. 
They are on a very limited income and yet 
the animals and children always come first in their house. 

Shasta wrote this about the photo below:

 Cuddle bugs.. I bet most people can't say they can bring this many dogs in
that have been abused and thrown out to the streets 
and everyone of them love each other my kids, myself and my husband. 
And this isn't even all of them. 
We didn't save them they saved us...

I have chosen Shasta and Rick 
to receive half the money raised in the SWD Fundraiser 
(the amount will be matched by me, DogMa). 
The other recipient will be a local Pit Bull rescue,
chosen by SWD fans through a Facebook vote.

From the bottom of my heart, 
thank you for supporting Sleeps with Dogs
and dogs in need.
It was two years ago today,
when a frightened blue Pit Bull appeared at the Sleeps With Dogs' house.
It was late at night and around the young female's neck was
a knotted rope she gnawed through to break free.
 I knew this stray girl needed a name,
so I called her Harriet Tubman because she freed herself.
Harriet spent the night inside the SWD house.

I whisked Harriet to the vet in the morning to check for a microchip and have her health assessed.
No microchip (not that I would've returned her to a neglectful home anyway). 
She was underweight, had mange and was not spayed.
All treatable.
I left the vet's office with meds and hope of finding Harriet a home.
Having not been in this position before, 
I figured finding this youngster a home wouldn't be a problem...
Foster Harriet became this homeless girl's new name.
After Foster Harriet's mange cleared-up and she healed from spay surgery,
she clearly felt better.
It was then I realized Foster Harriet was a wild, untamed whirling dervish of a pooch.
I was blindsided by this high-energy, nutty girl.
You see, DogMa was used to lazy, easily pooped-out dogs. 
Foster Harriet was neither.
For months, I tried to find Foster Harriet a home 
or a rescue with available space (they were all full),
all while attempting to keep my own sanity and limbs with this pawsmanian devilish dog.
Then something pawmazing happened...
Foster Harriet started chasing balls and bringing them back to DogMa.
Over and over.
It saved her life and mine (mostly mine).
The ball provided a welcomed outlet for Foster Harriet's energy
as the search for a home, rescue or other foster continued.
And while I was desperate and overwhelmed at times, 
the only option told to me repeatedly was to dump Foster Harriet at animal control.
That was not an option for DogMa.
Harriet Tubman is a nutty ball of energy.
She is also silly, funny, sweet and supaw smart.
Harriet has several nicknames at the SWD house: 
Tubs, Tubman, Hairball, Hairballsie and Harrry-monster
She is a cuddlebug who insists on sleeping under the covers.
... And DogMa loves her.
After a two year roller coaster ride on The Tubman Express,
today it is official...
Harriet Tubman has found her furever home.
It is right here. 
Today's Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to a boy named Brock
and the pawmagical power of a Pit Bull named Piggie.

We met 10-year-old Brock on National Pit Bull Awareness Day back in October,
  It was then Brock's mom told us he was once bitten by a Chihuahua and is now afraid of dogs.
He is afraid of all dogs... except Piggie.

When we first encountered Brock and his lovely family at the Atlanta Bully March,
he apprehensively BUT quickly patted the Pig on the back.
When we saw Brock and his family several hours later at the Atlanta Bully Education Rally, 
 something very special happened...
Sometimes you just need a hug

For more information on Pit Bulls, Check out Pit Bull Rescue Central's:
Facebook Page
Dash and his littermates were rescued the day they were born by Friends To The Forlorn
a pawsome Pit Bull rescue group in Georgia.
Fast forward: 
Dash is now 3 years old and livin' the life of a celebridog in his furever home.
He is an ambassadog and a print model. 
Dash has appeared on the cover of the Friends To The Forlorn calendar, 
was Mr. April in last year’s The Unexpected Pit Bull calendar,
 was on a cover of Tails magazine
 and he is on a Pit Bull Rescue Central credit card.

Dash’s turn-ons are walks, Big Daddy Biscuits, and raw food. 
Dash’s turn-offs are off-leash dogs and car rides.

When Dash dresses up in ladies clothes, he proudly goes by the name *Mrs. Dash*

This Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to Pit Bulls everywhere 
and the pawmazing people who love and accept them.
*Mrs Dash*
*Mrs Dash* is a dancing machine
*Mrs Dash* knows how to work a tutu

A special thank you to Atlanta Underdog Initiative's Liz Henderson, 
for adopting Dash and sharing his pawsomeness with us.

For more information on Atlanta Underdog Initiative, check out their:
Facebook Page
Thank you to all who participated 
in the SWD Howliday Giveaway.
This DogMa loved reading the pawtastically fun nicknames for your pups. 

So without further ado, 
here is the scientifically, random selection process for the winner of a
Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue 2013 calendar
featuring Piggie as Miss May...
Sizing it up.
Hat loaded with entry names
Selection process begins
Piggie paws a winner
And the winner is... Cori!
Congratulations Cori! 
We'll drop you an email for mailing instructions. 
Cori says, " Draco has several nicknames, my favorite however for him is "D-Dawg"
We think that's pawsitively adorable.

For more information on Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue, check out their:
Facebook Page

For more information on Shelter Angel's Pit Bull Rescue Calendar and to purchase calendars, check out:
Facebook Page
This Howliday Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to Zoey,
who's mission is...
~ To spread pit bull love, and dispel myths, while raising funds and awareness 
to help find a cure for canine cancer through the Love Adds Up for a Cure sticker campaign. ~

Sleeps With Dogs joins Zoey in this impawtant crusade to fight canine cancer.
We hope you will too.

To learn more about how Zoey Says Stick It To Canine Cancer, check out her:
Facebook Page
Youtube Channel
In the spirit of the howliday season,
we are giving away a Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue 2013 calendar.
There is pittie eye candy featured each month of the year,
including our very own Piggie starring as Miss May.
And the best part, 
The proceeds from this pawsome work of art
go directly to Piggie's former rescue,
Shelter Angels Pit Pull Rescue in Atlanta.

See below for details on how to enter...
Miss May
Here are the simple instructions to enter giveaway:
In the comments section at the end of this post, 
add a comment with your dog's favorite nickname,
along with your email address.
 That's it. Supaw easy, right?
On December 26th, the winner will be randomly selected from the entries. 
*Calendar comes pawtographed by Miss Piggie May*
For more information on Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue, check out their:
Facebook Page

For more information on Shelter Angel's Pit Bull Rescue Calendar and to purchase calendars, check out:
Facebook Page