Sleeps with Dogs
Thanksgiving meals aren't just for peeps. 
Thanks to Best Friends Pet Care, they are for paws too.
Every year, Best Friends serves roasted turkey, veggies and sweet potatoes 
to the pets boarding at their nationwide facilities. 
They also make extra meals to serve to hundreds of homeless pets 
at more than two dozen animal shelters around the country. 

“We’re so happy to be able to share the holiday with these needy pets,” said Renee Coughlin, Vice President of Marketing for Best Friends Pet Care. “We wish every dog could have a special treat on Thanksgiving, especially those waiting to be brought into a loving home.”
This is the sixth year Best Friends has provided a holiday feast to shelter animals.
DogMa thinks this is pawsome and hopes the tradition continues until there are no more homeless pets.
Thank you Best Friends for bringing joy and tasty holiday treats to animals without homes.
And for those out there wishing to add a pet to their families, 
please adopt from your local shelters and rescue groups.
For more information about Best Friends Pet Care, please check out their:
Facebook Page


Living in a house with eight dogs and one cat...
this drink is a necessity, a requirement, a must!
That's right peeps, the coffee martini. 
It is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Coffee Martini:
1 oz vodka (double for multiple dog owners)
1 oz coffee liquor
1 oz shot Bailey's Irish Cream

Pour in a shaker with ice and drink till the barking in your head ceases!

liquor used: (suggestions only - any will do - trust me!)
Grey Goose Vodka
Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
Baileys Irish Cream
The Whole Dog Market recently opened it's doors in Atlanta and it's pawtastic! They have everything any pooch could pawssibly want - from food to toys to stylin' jackets. Have a filthy fido? Not a problem, there is even a self wash. WDM is Piggie's favorite place in the world and I agree. The shop is addictive. Just ask the Pig - she has quite a reputation thanks to her sticky paws.
WDM's welcoming pawmittee
Piggie's addiction begins
casing the counter
caught on camera
WDM is located at 985 Monroe Drive, on the edge of Piedmont Park. Stop by and tell them SWD sent you, but don't mention Piggie. The ham is on the lam. 
The mighty treat has mutteriffic magical powers with the SWD crew and extended SWD family. Thanks to the mind-controlling morsels, I have cherished moments captured from the present and past.
Bella and pal Louie
The G-Pack, Trixie, Piggie and Lottie
Blu, Bella, Piggie
Cousin Gracie, Blu, Ellie (RIP)
the Beast and her flippie treat

Some of the SWD favorite nuggets of goodness:
- Big Daddy Biscuits: all natural, organic, Dinner Mints are the pawfect treat for the crew's less than savory breath. 
- Old Mother Hubbard: all natural Tartar Control snacks help keep the crew's teeth and gums healthy
- Mother Nature4 Way Treat Natural Dog Biscuits are a crowd pleaser in the SWD house.
Seriously people. I adore my furry mongrels and want them to live long, healthy lives. Some would say I obsess about their food. So they are fed high quality, well balanced food and yet I cant get enough butter and cream in my system. If I could figure out a way to wheel around an IV bag of melted butter with a direct line to my veins, I would! I really do love fruits, veggies, whole grains and olive oil. I just cant seem to eat them.

Perhaps I really should eat the dogs' food... after all, the ingredients are human grade. The SWD crew eats Acana and devours every last crumb. it doesn't smell too bad, is loaded with nutrients, fruits and veggies.... and I would become a svelte, smokin' hot dog-ma.

But then again, how can I possibly eat dog food, when all I think about is flying home to Buffalo for a slice... or six, of Bocce Pizza ?! And that is only the beginning...

                          (Thanks to my brother Justin for emailing pic from recent trip home - bastard!)