Sleeps with Dogs
This Tutu Tuesday is all about being social and the diva pig is one social butterfly.
Piggie was the pit of the ball at last week's BarkWorld social petworking conference in Atlanta,
where she worked the crowd for belly rubs, pettings and treats.
So, Pittie peeps, get your babies out there and socialize.
   It's fun for you and them.
October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month.
Please help spread the word about these pawmazing dogs.
Friday at BarkworldDogMa and Piggie repped for the pawsome folks at PetHub 
(note the Pig's supaw cool collar with digital tag)
The pig is diva'd out for the night
Stay tuned for a post on our pawventures with the pupperazzi and representin' for PetHub at BarkWorld .
We met some pawsomely, pawtastic paws and peeps.
We are supaw excited about Sleeps With Dogs first fundraiser.
Thanks to the pawsome folks at Bully Mart,
Sales in their fundraiser section will go to rescue groups selected by SWD.
All you have to do is select Sleeps With Dogs under BSL BITES FUNDRAISER BENEFICIARY
when ordering BSL BITES bracelets and collars.
Vegan options are available.
Fundraiser ends October 30th.

Get a jump-start on your howliday shopping while supporting Pit Bulls.
Let's raise lots of money for pitties.
Funds raised will be split between the Pit Bull rescue responsible for saving our Piggie
- Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue -
and another rescue to be voted on by SWD'ers.

For more information on Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue, check out their:
Facebook Page

For more information on Bully Mart, check out their:
Facebook Page

For more information on Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), check out:

The Whole Dog Market recently opened it's doors in Atlanta and it's pawtastic! They have everything any pooch could pawssibly want - from food to toys to stylin' jackets. Have a filthy fido? Not a problem, there is even a self wash. WDM is Piggie's favorite place in the world and I agree. The shop is addictive. Just ask the Pig - she has quite a reputation thanks to her sticky paws.
WDM's welcoming pawmittee
Piggie's addiction begins
casing the counter
caught on camera
WDM is located at 985 Monroe Drive, on the edge of Piedmont Park. Stop by and tell them SWD sent you, but don't mention Piggie. The ham is on the lam. 
I have a confession to make. When Bella is home, she roams the house in her birthday suit. The jingling of her tags took what little sanity this Dog-Ma had left. So, in a move of sheer desperation, Bella's collar was removed. Now, going collarless was never a problem with the other SWD pooches... but they weren't a wild, one-eye Lab with a taste for adventure. 

More than once, the small backyard creek tempted Bella. She'd get the wanderlust and take-off down the shallow trail. There was no pattern to her delinquency. She'd just look at me, laugh and trot away. Funny, she had no problem with only one eye, but her hearing instantly failed at these moments known as Creekisodes.
Poo Island inmate #000001 -- Crime: Unlawful Escape

When the folks at PetHub asked if I'd be interested in reviewing their ScruffTag ID collar, I said yes and knew immediately which SWD crew member would be the tester. 

PetHub is an innovative way to ID your pets. With the use of modern technology, people can access vital information at the touch of a finger -- with any smartphone or computer. Each PetHub ID tag is designed with a QR code that when scanned, quickly displays the pet's online profile with info provided by the owner. Don't have a smartphone? No problem. The data is easily accessible on PetHub's website. It's pretty pawsome. 
PetHub ScruffTag Collar

The day Bella's purple ScruffTag collar arrived in the mail, I practically ripped-open the package with my teeth. Okay, that is exactly what I did.  My first impression:  I loved the collar's sturdiness and deep plum color -- Purple was the pawfect choice for my handsome girl.  

The adjustable collar fits pawtastically around Bella's furry neck. She wears her ScruffTag collar 24/7. Oh and listen... do you hear that? I don't either! NO clankity clank of a heavy, hanging tag. This Dog-Ma is in love with PetHub and their pawsome collar.  Bella immediately went from juvenile delinquent to coolest paw on the block.
Escape artist gets tagged

PetHub also offers the Link Tag. Its made of anodized aluminum and light in weight (minimal sound). All PetHub Tags are made in the U.S. and come with money back guarantees. Getting a PetHub tag is a no-brainer.

What do you get with the purchase of all PetHub tags?
  • Automatic Bronze Subscription: Unlimited online data for your pet
  • Personalize profile: Add pics and fun tidbits about your pets
  • Connect with cool pet people and services in your area
  • Bragging rights for sportin' the latest in pet ID technology
  • Peace of mind
PetHub Link Tag

I don't know if Bella the one-eye beast sleeps better with her PetHub ScruffTag. I know this Dog-Ma does. Thank you PetHub for restoring my sanity. No more nakedness in the SWD house! Please learn from this DogMa and ID your pets. Their lives may depend on it.
For More Information on PetHub, check out the following links:

PetHub provided the Beast's collar for review.