Sleeps with Dogs
Betty Boop has a winning smile and pawsome style.
This tuturiffic Pit Bull beauty was rescued from a shelter in San Jose, CA
and is now a foster with the pawmazing folks at Sharing a Life.
We have all our fingers and paws crossed for Betty Boop.
She will soon be available for adoption 
through the supaw Pit Bull and Chihuahua rescue, Our Pack, inc
Please help spread the word about Betty Boop.
Thanks everypawdy.
You're never fully dressed without a smile... and a tutu.
Betty Boop is the poop.

For more info on Sharing a life, check out their:
Facebook Page

For more info on Our Pack, Inc., check out their:
Facebook Page

Today's Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to a boy named Brock
and the pawmagical power of a Pit Bull named Piggie.

We met 10-year-old Brock on National Pit Bull Awareness Day back in October,
  It was then Brock's mom told us he was once bitten by a Chihuahua and is now afraid of dogs.
He is afraid of all dogs... except Piggie.

When we first encountered Brock and his lovely family at the Atlanta Bully March,
he apprehensively BUT quickly patted the Pig on the back.
When we saw Brock and his family several hours later at the Atlanta Bully Education Rally, 
 something very special happened...
Sometimes you just need a hug

For more information on Pit Bulls, Check out Pit Bull Rescue Central's:
Facebook Page
Having a monkey on your back could be...

pile of bills
pile of crap in house
dust bunnies the size of gorillas
toxic job
aging car
unwanted stalker

clingy coworker
husband, wife, partner, significant other.

In Ginger's case, it's a Chihuahua named TBone.