Sleeps with Dogs
As pawromised, Tutu Tuesday is back after a two week hiatus
and thanks to Tucker Farm,  we have a meowerrific post today.
I call Tucker Farm the best place on earth. It's where my my friend Beth and her family lives.
They have some chickens, bunnies, birds, dogs, cats and even a pig who visits.
There is always fun and frolic at Tucker Farm
where the animals and new beautiful baby Adelyn rule the roost.

Without further tutu ado, 
here is Marge's glamourpuss photo shoot... 

For more info on Tucker Farm, check out their:
Facebook Page
Poppy shows us it's purrrfectly cool to be different.
Happy Tutu Tuesday to free spirits everywhere!
Poppy freestylin' her tutu

*special thank you to Mama Ashley for sharing her pawsome girl with us*
 it's a Tutu Tuesday first - Today's Supaw model is a frou frou feline - as in cat!
Lola was found searching for food near an Atlanta gas station 
when she was rescued by Snap-2it (Spay Neuter Assistance Program). 
Lola was named after The Kinks' song and is often called Lola Coca-Cola by her peeps. 
She lives in a loving furever home with three kitty brothers. 
This Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to homeless kitties everywhere.
Lola rockin' her tutu
Lola lo-lo-lo-lo Lola
Drank champagne and danced all night

For more information about Snap-2it, click on the links: