Sleeps with Dogs
Pawty goers at a recent birthday celebration for Mr. Wilson the Elderbull and is brother, Fatboy.
In the sea of hats, bowties, poker-faced Lottie and George in a basket...
stood a tutu'd Pig.
Happy Tutu Tuesday paws and peeps!

Pawty Animals
6/5/2012 06:04:34 am

Now that's what I call Party Animals! We especially like the fella in the grocery basket. Perhaps as a hint to shop for treats?

Nancy L
6/5/2012 06:23:29 am

Loving all the various expressions!

6/5/2012 02:01:21 pm

Looks like one of the best kinds of pawty!

Mr. Buddy Rose
6/6/2012 12:11:57 am

I think this was a Super Pawty! Happy TuTu Tuesday! WOOFs to the Pawty Dogs!


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