Sleeps with Dogs
I couldn't have said this better myself, So what did I do? Promptly ordered one of these poignant pawsome totes. Check out MyAnimalActivist Righteous Bitch's Collection for a Balls Sack and other products.

Can't wait for my new tote's arrival to help spread the word about spaying and neutering. If y'all haven't seen the numbers yet, prepare yourselves to be blown away by the chart below. Spaying and neutering your pets clearly saves live.
11/7/2011 03:11:51 pm

Rach, I shared that chart with a friend of mine here in Taiwan who is trying to get people to spay and neuter their pets. He loves it but it's an uphill battle, especially out here in the countryside where we live. Many people here have an old fashioned attitude against neutering. The result is way too many unwanted puppies that are neglected, abandoned and left to fend for themselves. It's pretty sad.

11/8/2011 04:20:07 am

LOVE the balls are over rated bag! Congrats on the website by the way it looks fantastic!!


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