Sleeps with Dogs
Thank you to all who participated 
in the SWD Howliday Giveaway.
This DogMa loved reading the pawtastically fun nicknames for your pups. 

So without further ado, 
here is the scientifically, random selection process for the winner of a
Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue 2013 calendar
featuring Piggie as Miss May...
Sizing it up.
Hat loaded with entry names
Selection process begins
Piggie paws a winner
And the winner is... Cori!
Congratulations Cori! 
We'll drop you an email for mailing instructions. 
Cori says, " Draco has several nicknames, my favorite however for him is "D-Dawg"
We think that's pawsitively adorable.

For more information on Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue, check out their:
Facebook Page

For more information on Shelter Angel's Pit Bull Rescue Calendar and to purchase calendars, check out:
Facebook Page
This Howliday Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to Zoey,
who's mission is...
~ To spread pit bull love, and dispel myths, while raising funds and awareness 
to help find a cure for canine cancer through the Love Adds Up for a Cure sticker campaign. ~

Sleeps With Dogs joins Zoey in this impawtant crusade to fight canine cancer.
We hope you will too.

To learn more about how Zoey Says Stick It To Canine Cancer, check out her:
Facebook Page
Youtube Channel
In the spirit of the howliday season,
we are giving away a Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue 2013 calendar.
There is pittie eye candy featured each month of the year,
including our very own Piggie starring as Miss May.
And the best part, 
The proceeds from this pawsome work of art
go directly to Piggie's former rescue,
Shelter Angels Pit Pull Rescue in Atlanta.

See below for details on how to enter...
Miss May
Here are the simple instructions to enter giveaway:
In the comments section at the end of this post, 
add a comment with your dog's favorite nickname,
along with your email address.
 That's it. Supaw easy, right?
On December 26th, the winner will be randomly selected from the entries. 
*Calendar comes pawtographed by Miss Piggie May*
For more information on Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue, check out their:
Facebook Page

For more information on Shelter Angel's Pit Bull Rescue Calendar and to purchase calendars, check out:
Facebook Page
It's three pawsome pittie pics in one with Cricket from The Positive Pit Bull .
She is this week's featured supaw model.
Cricket is sweet, stunning and festive for the howlidays.
Cricket has spirit, yes she does...

The Positive Pit Bull is a 501(c)3 dedicated to repairing the reputation of the pit bull, 

rehabilitating ones who are in need and keeping as many as possible out of the shelters through
 education, positive training and socialization. 
We want the pit bull to be recognized as America's Dog once again.
~~ The Positive Pit Bull ~~

For more information on The Positive Pit Bull, check out their:
Facebook Page
Three little pitties, 
sittin' on a bench.
One wore wings,
and was tutuless.
DogMa didn't care
 cause she loves them all. 
Tutus or not,
they're her pals and paws.
Piggie, Lottie and Betsy

For updates on Lottie and Betsy, check out the following link:
Betsy & Pups Facebook Page
This Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to special friends.
Here is Selene, Miss Lily and Piggie.
Lily loves Piggie and Selene and we love Lily.
Sweet Lily and Selene are members of a family owned shop in Alpharetta, GA.
Pit Stop For Pets
Pop in to see the supaw cool stuff they offer.
The girls representin' on Pit Bull Awareness Day

For more information on Pit Stop For Pets, Check out their:
Facebook Page