Sleeps with Dogs
Despite her itchy skin infection and wonky paws,
Billie is a spunky, happy, confident puppy.
We love Billie's spirit and think she is pawmazing.
This Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to Billie 
and all impawfectly pawfect pups everywhere. 

~ When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change.
'Cause you're amazing, just the way you are ~  Bruno Mars

Billie is available for adoption through Animal Action Rescue (AAR) in Atlanta.

For updates on Billie, check out the following link:
Betsy & Pups Facebook Page

For more information about Animal Action Rescue, check out their:
Facebook Page

Thanksgiving meals aren't just for peeps. 
Thanks to Best Friends Pet Care, they are for paws too.
Every year, Best Friends serves roasted turkey, veggies and sweet potatoes 
to the pets boarding at their nationwide facilities. 
They also make extra meals to serve to hundreds of homeless pets 
at more than two dozen animal shelters around the country. 

“We’re so happy to be able to share the holiday with these needy pets,” said Renee Coughlin, Vice President of Marketing for Best Friends Pet Care. “We wish every dog could have a special treat on Thanksgiving, especially those waiting to be brought into a loving home.”
This is the sixth year Best Friends has provided a holiday feast to shelter animals.
DogMa thinks this is pawsome and hopes the tradition continues until there are no more homeless pets.
Thank you Best Friends for bringing joy and tasty holiday treats to animals without homes.
And for those out there wishing to add a pet to their families, 
please adopt from your local shelters and rescue groups.
For more information about Best Friends Pet Care, please check out their:
Facebook Page

This Tutu Tuesday we give thanks to adopters everywhere.
Penny was a scared 6 month old puppy the day she was to be killed 
at the Newberry County Animal Shelter in South Carolina.
That fateful day, Penny's life was saved when a compassionate, kind woman adopted the frightened pup.

One week later, Penny was a different dog. Happy, playful, loving. 
You see, Penny was rescued by the boss' wife at Servpro of the Duth Fork

Not only does Penny now have a family with three kids, 
she also has an extended family at the office. 
Penny visits often where she can seen seen chillin' with her peeps
or playfully chewing on the ears of her loveable black lab brother, Buddy.

Big thank you to Monica for rescuing Penny and to pet adopters everywhere. 
We dedicate this Tutu Tuesday to you ALL!
Penny is dressed up and ready for Thanksgiving dinner

For more information about Servpro of the Dutch Fork, check out their:
Facebook Page
Adopted from a shelter in Philadelphia. Now living the good life. Pro adoption & Against all BSL. 
Lucy's World is a happy place where life is good! ~~ Lucy

We love Lucy.

She loves cookies. doggies. running and riding in the car.
Lucy pawspires to do commercials or print ads for Subaru of America, Petco, Kong.

Lucy is destined to be a supaw star and thanks to the Best Ever Device
 built by her dad, Lucy gets to chill in the comfort and style pawfitting a diva.

 The sky's the limit for your pawmazing pawtential.
Go get 'em Lucy!
Lucy's BED is a one of a kind, just like the lovely Lucy herself

For more information on Lucy, check out her
Facebook Page
This Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to a special Pit Bull who pawsevered.
Introducing Betsy (aka Bella) from Betsy & Pups.
Betsy was dumped at a shelter while full-bellied pregnant. 
In stepped the pawmazing Beth (Piggie's former FosterMa) 
and the pawsome  Animal Action Rescue.

Beth fostered Betsy before, during and after she birthed eleven healthy puppies. 
Betsy has since been spayed and promotes spaying and neutering for all pets.
Betsy is now living the good life with Beth's mother-in-law and all her puppies have been adopted.
Mama B - you showed us all the true meaning of unconditional love.
This Tutu Tuesday is for you.
Betsy tutu'd up on National Pit Bull Awareness Day 2012
February 2012

For more information on Betsy & Pups, check out their 
Facebook Page

For more information on Animal Action Rescue, check out their
Facebook Page

For more information on Maggie Fan Photography, check out her
Facebook Page

Nine months after getting married, SWD'er Yvonne and her hubby adopted a beautiful, sweet Pit Bull mix 
from the Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee. 
The newlyweds considered the pawsome pooch their honeymoon baby
They named her Heidi.

That was back in April 2003. 
Fast forward: Heidi will be 10 years old in January. 
She is a good girl who always has lots of love to give
And knows how to rock a tutu.
She is Heidi. She is a Pit Bull Mix. She is simply the best.

This Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to Heidi and her pawmazing family.
Heidi is supaw stunning in her Autumn tutu
When Piggie is not sprawled-out and snoring on DogMa's Best Ever Device,
The oinker can be found on her second favorite BED, 
where the Diva Pig puts the lounge in chaise lounge.
This pink, zebra print, swanky lounge chair (or BED) is fit for this Pig Star.
A big thank you goes out to Piggie's former FosterMa, Beth, 
who scored the Pig her very own barkeriffic Best Ever Device    
All Hail the Pig
Some say soo-ey... I say spoiled.
When the pawsome PetHub folks asked me to rep for them at BarkWorld,
 the social petworking conference held in Atlanta, 
I immediately said yes. 
PetHub swag in BarkWorld bag of goodies
PetHub's motto is - Protect. Share. Nurture. - and that is exactly what they do 
with their pawtastic state of the art digital tags and online protection plan.
Both Piggie and the Beast wear PetHub's ScruffTag Collars and love them. 
Check out SWD's PetHub Review to see why.

On Friday (10/26/02), with my PetHub tee shirt on, Piggie and I set out for BarkWorld.
Here is our report.
This tee shirt says it all about PetHub
Pig makes a grand entrance on the red carpet with her PetHub ScruffTag Collar and of course, a tutu.
Bloggers, companies and social influencers
We met a lot of supaw cool people and paws and chatted about the pawsomeness that is PetHub.
The Pig and I yapped all day (well the Oinker mainly demanded belly rubs) 
and had a blast talking about PetHub's guest blogging programs. 
If you received info from me, please contact PetHub. 
For those bloggers I was unable to hound, 
please contact PetHub if you're interested in pursuing guest blogging opportunities
or contact me at and I'll hook you up with the info.
PetHub is pawtastic and totally cool and has the DogMa seal of pawroval.
Carma Poodale rocks her PetHub ScruffTag Collar
Jasmine gives a barkout to PetHub

For More Information on PetHub, check out the following links: