Sleeps with Dogs
In honor of my favorite time of the year, I'm testing out a new name for Bella...
Jackie O. Lantern

What do y'all think?
Nine years ago today my life forever changed. I went to the Atlanta Humane Society and adopted my first dog. His name on paper was Blue, but I dropped the E and officially named him Blu. It was a fresh start for him and for me too. Blu is now thirteen and a half and still going. Some days are better than others, but he always has a smile. He is my boy. He is my heart. He is my Blu.

Happy Bluiversary big guy. Your Dog-ma loves you.  

The ghosts of Poo Island rehearse for their big day
Hey Paws and Peeps!
October 22nd was Pit Bull Awareness Day. A whole day for dogs like me - how pawsome! I think every day should be Pit Bull Awareness Day - us pitties are really good dogs.

To celebrate the day, Dog-ma and I went to the Atlanta Bully Education Rally. It was wonderBULL and super fun!
Let's go to the Bully Rally!

The Atlanta Bully Education Rally promotes breed awareness and responsible ownership. I saw lots of dogs just like me and met tons of pawtastic people. I even had my picture taken with a famous dog trainer. Dog-ma says her name is Victoria Stilwell and she has a TV show called It's Me or the Dog. How cool is that!
Me and Victoria Stilwell

I made lots of new friends, like this sweet girl named Lilly and this really cool dude. 
Me and my new BFF
Friends 4-ever

One of my favorite moments of the day was meeting the lady from Big Daddy Biscuits. Dog-ma says her name is Lauren, I just call her a baking goddess supreme. She makes the best goodies - Big Daddy Biscuits are the yummiest treats EVER. I'm pretty sure I saw Dog-ma buy a couple bags. Woohoo.
Hoping for a crumb or two.

Another favorite moment... I got to see my foster dad Joe. I heart him. Thanks to papa Joe and foster mom Beth, I was saved from death row and  am now living happily ever after with Dog-ma and my siblings. 
Me and foster papa Joe

The Atlanta Bully Education Rally was the bestest time. Thank you Atlanta Underdog Initiative for all you do for us bully breeds and for putting on a fantastic event. Can't wait to come back next year! Oh and a special barkout to my peeps at Atlanta Pit Bull Parents. Dog-ma and I think y'all ROCK.
Waiting for next year
Today is cause for celebration at the SWD house. It's a Piggerversary! That's right, one year ago today a sweet, silly, snorting pig became a member of the SWD house. There is never a dull moment with Piggie around and this Dog-Ma wouldn't have it any other way.  We love our Piggie Rose.
Celebrating one year in style
Fancy pants Pig on her special day
It's a Piggerina
This winter, Morton Salt is making a pledge to keep pets safe, and you can help. 

As a dog-ma born and raised in Buffalo,  New York, I am familiar with the importance of a pet safe ice melt. In fact, I sure could've used it in Atlanta last winter after an ice storm socked the heart of the south for a solid week. I was forced to use eco-friendly kitty litter and while it somewhat helped the SWD household members gain some traction, Morton Safe T Pet would've really helped us all stay upright - which this clumsy dog-ma desperately needed - not to mention the nine wacky dogs of all sizes.

Now onto the pawsome stuff - how we all can help animals: 

Morton is pledging to help pets this winter. For every unique *like* on the Morton Facebook page  from now until January 31, 2012, Morton will donate $1 to the ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) to increase winter pet safety awareness and support their mission to protect animals.

Please go to Morton's  Facebook page and click the *like* button and that's a buck Morton will donate. Let them know Sleeps with Dogs sent you.  

Also, please *like* our post located on the Morton Facebook page. Simply go to the page, find our post and *like* it. For every 50 *likes* Morton will send us a Morton Safe-T-Pet Winter Kit (limit two per blog) and we are going to pay-it-forward by sending it to a randomly selected SWD'er.

So like is the word of the day. Let's help some animals y'all! Tell all your friends and family to do the same. The more *likes* we generate, the more money Morton donates. It's just that simple.  

October is a wonderBULL month. That's right y'all, it's Pit Bull Awareness Month! Pawsitive portrayals of Pit bulls in the media is a welcome treat, I just had to share this story. It is sure to make you smile. I applaud Main Line Animal Rescue (MLAR) for their pawmazing work and MSNBC for filing this report.
Funny, I always thought Bella would become the first SWD therapy dog.
Something tells me Piggie will beat her to it.
What do y'all think?
The Atlanta screening of Beyond the Myth is tonight. As an advocate for the breed, I am thrilled at the buzz surrounding this movie. As a journalist, I am overjoyed with the opportunity to talk with fellow advocate and renowned trainer Victoria Stillwell. As a Pit Bull lover, I am giddy with excitement to meet the pawmazing former Vick dog, Hector.  As a Pit Bull dog-ma, I am delighted to meet fellow parents of this remarkabull breed.

I will be sharing tonight's experiences in a furture post. In the meantime, here is a recent encounter with my own myth buster, Piggie.
Conversation with girl at the Starbucks drive-thru.

Girl: Awwww... What kind of dog is that?
Me: Pit Bull. Her name is Piggie.
Girl: She's soooo cute.
Me: Thank you.
Girl: Has she ever been mean or anything?
Me: Never. She's super sweet. In fact, if we were in the same room she'd be laying down waiting for you to rub her belly.
Girl (to co-worker): Come look at this cute Pit Bull!

DOG guides me on the road and through life. To the Sleeps With Dogs crew, I adore you. To the vast community of canines, I thank you. To parents of Pit Bulls, I stand with you. To rescues and dog advocates, I admire you. To those interested in a dog car plaque, I encourage you.
Soon to be added to the SWD mobile...
Seriously people. I adore my furry mongrels and want them to live long, healthy lives. Some would say I obsess about their food. So they are fed high quality, well balanced food and yet I cant get enough butter and cream in my system. If I could figure out a way to wheel around an IV bag of melted butter with a direct line to my veins, I would! I really do love fruits, veggies, whole grains and olive oil. I just cant seem to eat them.

Perhaps I really should eat the dogs' food... after all, the ingredients are human grade. The SWD crew eats Acana and devours every last crumb. it doesn't smell too bad, is loaded with nutrients, fruits and veggies.... and I would become a svelte, smokin' hot dog-ma.

But then again, how can I possibly eat dog food, when all I think about is flying home to Buffalo for a slice... or six, of Bocce Pizza ?! And that is only the beginning...

                          (Thanks to my brother Justin for emailing pic from recent trip home - bastard!)