Sleeps with Dogs
The Yellow Dog Project is a global movement 
for parents of dogs that need space (aka DINOS, Dogs In Need Of Space).  
We fully support this pawsome movement 
and will be putting a yellow ribbon on Harriet Tubman after she has knee surgery. 
We thank you The Yellow Dog Project and applaud your efforts to keep all our pups safe!
Let's all join together and help spread the word about The Yellow Dog Project. 
The more peeps that know about yellow leash ribbons, the safer all our pups will be!
Who's on board with DogMa and the SWD crew?!

For more information on The Yellow Dog Project, click on these links:
DINOS™ are GOOD Dogs, They Just Need Space! Looking for more? Check out: for more stories, resources, and the Team DINOS store!
We fully support DINOS. 
DINOS and The Yellow Dog Project are working together to make our pooches safer out in public. 
We give them all a big Sleeps with Dogs round of barks and woofs!
Check out DINOS Facebook Page for more information.
Take me out to the ballgame
Take me out with the pack
Buy me some peanuts and liver snaps
I don't want to ever go back (to the shelter) 
For it's woof, woof, woof for the home paw
If they don't win it's okay
For it's one, two, three barks your out
At the old ballgame.

~ Porkchop and Penn ~

Porkchop and Penn are in search of their furever homes.
They had a pawtastic time at Turner Field,
but sadly after the ninth inning,
these two pawsome pups had to return to the shelter.

Porkchop and Penn are at Dekalb County Animal Control
and would love their own fields of dreams.
Please share far and wide for these two sports paws.
Porkchop and Penn
Penn tutu'd from head to paws
Penn hopin' for some ice cream and a furever home
Porkchop hammin' it up

For more information on Porkchop, Penn and other dogs available for adoption,
check out Dekalb County Animal Services' website and Facebook Page.
Thank you to all who participated in our very first giveaway. This was supaw exciting for SWD.
And a big thank you to Dog Tag Art for providing the tag.

Before announcing the winner of a Dog Tag Art pet tag -
 I have to say the words y'all used to describe dogs are pawtastic and touching. 
I loved them all and compiled the list of words here:

Angels, Blessed, Family, Fulfilled, Cherished, Loved, Balanced, Complete, Adoration, Indebted, Whole, Prosperous, Adorable, Obsessed, Inside, Trusting, Committed, Beloved, Enamored, Connected, Pure Love, Lucky, Inspired. 

Without further ado, here is the process in which a random entry was selected.
SWD hat readying for selection
Entries in hat, shaken and stirred
The diva Pig herself selects one entry
And the winner is... Patti!

Congratulations Patti who used the word balanced to described dogs.
DogMa will be sending you an email with details on how to get your new, pawsome Dog Tag Art pet tag.
 It's Sleeps with Dogs first ever giveaway -- and we are barking with excitement.
Thanks to the pawtastic folks at Dog Tag Art
one lucky SWD'er will win a free pet id tag of their choice.
How cool is that?! The tags are wooferiffic, fun and customizable.

To learn more about the pawsomeness that is Dog Tag Art
check out our recent review: Dog Tag Art - ID Tags with Fun and Style
The giveaway begins today and runs thru Sunday, September 23rd

**In the comment section of this blog**
1) put your email address
2) Use one word that bet describes how you feel about dogs

It's that simpawl.  After you enter those tho things *woof* you're registered.

A winner will be randomly selected Sunday (9/23) at midnight ET.

The winner will be notified by email and also announced on the Sleeps with Dogs Facebook page. 
Piggie and Harriet Tubman are ROCKiN' their Dog Tag Art

For more information about Dog Art Tag, click on the links below:
This week's Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to our pawsome pals at Snuggle Bulls
a pawmazing Pit Bull advocacy group we love and support.
Thank you Snuggle Bulls for ALL you do on behalf of our beloved Pit Bulls. 
We swoosh our tutus to you!

In honor of Snuggle Bulls and the work they do, DogMa presents the Snuggle Bulls sisters.
Princess Ruby Roo
is a therapy dog in the making who loves all kids 
and is a pawmazing surrogate mom to foster puppies.

Belle Belle 
is a foster failure and mama's girl, 
the happy Belle often sleeps on her mom's head.

was rescued from the porch of an abandoned home, Graceland
 is a daddy's girl who loves to give kisses.

We are family. I got all my sisters with me. We are family. Get up everybody and sing. ~ Sister Sledge

For more information about Snuggle Bulls, check out the following links: 
The wooferific folks at Dog Tag Art have joined forces with Sleeps with Dogs
 to givaway a pawtastic pet ID tag to one lucky SWD'er.  
Details coming this Wednesday - September 19th. 
You won't want to miss this special treat!

For more information on Dog Tag Art - check out our recent post: 
Dog Tag Art - ID Tags with Fun and Style
Divas unite!
This week's Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to to the young and the young at heart. 
Props to Grammaline (DogMa's mom) and Kat (DogMa's niece) for sharing the stage with Piggie.
 And for their pawstanding performance.
Tutu'd 76 year old + 8 year old + 3 year old = 
Who strapped the family dog to the car roof while the luggage rode inside?
Mitt Romney, that's who!
That's right paws and peeps - Crate-Gate is the bark heard 'round the country this presidential campaign. 
Romney admits to putting the family pooch on the roof for a 12 hour family road trip 
and his wife says they traveled this way all the time
DogMa has no words, well actually she has a mouthful, 
but best to let the photo below do the speaking.
Dogs Against Romney is a grasspaws movement lead by the furtastic Rusty,
who is educating the public about Romney's treatment of his pet.
We applaud Rusty and join his efforts in getting the word out.
It's not about Repawblicans or Dempawcrats.
It's about humanity and compassion.
 Join us in supporting 
Dogs Against Romney.

We are the Sleeps With Dogs Crew and WE RIDE INSIDE!

For more information about Dogs Against Romney
check out the following links:

We are Piggie, Bella and Harriet and we approve this message.
My girl Ellie (divadog on the right) loved to dress up. 
Her pal Gracie, not so much. Gracie tolerated the tutu torture for her mom and Auntie DogMa.
I'm so glad she was a supaw good sport - cause this is one of my favorite photos of the glamourpaws.
Not only did they match in markings and color, they matched in spirit too.
This Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to friends furever in our hearts.
Tutus, boas and pearls of pawfection