Sleeps with Dogs
Baaaaaark World -- here I come!!!

Yep, I'm going to be at the social media conference for pet lovers - Bark World Expo tomorrow (Saturday) at the Lowe's Atlanta Hotel. Come look for me out on the The Terrace or inside with my Dog-Ma. I'll be the one demanding belly rubs.

See y'all there!
Dog-ma here to say.... Collar up!
I am not talking about becoming priests, or police officers… I am talking about your dogs! Get an identification tag and hang it around your beloved pet’s neck. It is simple and can cost as little or as much as you want. Sure you can get the finest designer leather collar for your pooch or you can even use a piece of yarn. Whatever it takes - get your dog prepared for the outside world, in the event he or she becomes lost. 
                                                               (heart tag from Jazzy Tags)

Now, I am clearly a magnet for the lost and confused. Just the other day, I spotted two canine buddies frolicking in my neighbor’s front yard. They were obviously lost. After wooing them with my charm and the promise of water, I lured them to the safety of my yard. Upon further examination, I realized they were naked. No collars. No Identification, Nada. Zip. Zilch.

After using my own dogs collars and leashes to wrangle the two escapees, I loaded them into the car and set off to scour nearby neighborhoods for their owner. It was obvious the two outlaws were somebody’s pets. After a couple hours of searching, I found the owner. He was relieved to have his four legged family members back and I was thankful to reunite the delighted threesome.

This entire ordeal could have been avoided with a simple ID tag. Had there been a name and phone number adorning the bewildered dogs, I could have delivered the precious goods in minutes.

Bella here, reporting from our new house! I'm lovin' the new digs. There's so much room to explore, wander and just hang out. And the best part (beside Poo Island), I have my very own space. How cool is that! 

For those who don't know me, my name is Bella, but dog-ma calls me Bella the One Eye Beast, One-Eye or just Beast. I just smile and nod. Dog-ma can call me whatever she wants, it doesn't mean I'll answer. teehee.

As for my one eye, the story goes: when I was just a few weeks old, my biological dad accidentally stepped on my tiny head. My eye couldn't be saved and now I rock a crooked nose and pawsome underbite. Don't worry, I'm not in any pain and think I look pretty pawsome, at least that's what dog-ma tells me.

I'm off to stake my spot in the bed. I better hurry, space goes fast!                                                                   
Power to the paw y'all.                                                                  
Until next time,
That's right y'all. After a much needed renovation, we are back and woofin' to get things reignited. So come on in, take a look around and enjoy your stay. Doors are always open at the Sleeps with Dogs house.