Sleeps with Dogs
This week's Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to Pit Bull goddesses everywhere!
Juno the Pit Bull Bulldog Goddess is just that and so much more. 
She is a tutu trendsetter and ambassadog for Pit Bull types.
This girl just wants to have fun and make people smile.
We wuffs Juno the Pit Bull Bulldog Goddess!
Tutus and tongues - Juno style

Little know fun fact:
 this DogMa met the goddess herself last year. 
It was an honor and a treat (no pun intended)!
Happy Tutu Tuesday to *the* Pit Bull Goddess and all Pit bull goddesses.

For more information on the goddess, check out Juno's Facebook page.
Tutu furnished by Glamour Dog Boutique. Check them out on Facebook and Etsy.
"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Sclemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated.
We're gonna do it!
Give us any chance, we'll take it...

Make all our dreams come true
For me and you."

~ Laverne and Shirley ~

Shirley and her BFF Laverne were found tied to the door of a feed and seed store in Atlanta.
The girls were hauled off to a local county shelter.
That's when the pawsome folks at Animal Action Rescue
pulled the gal-pals from the high kill shelter.
Laverne was recently adopted, but Shirley is still waiting for her furever home.
Shirley is a sweet girl who loves every peep and paw she meets.
This Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to furiends everywhere!
Please share Shirley far and wide.

Check out the following links for more info on Shirley and Animal Action Rescue (AAR):
AAR Website
AAR Facebook

Hi fellow paws and peeps too.
Look what I found while wandering around Poo Island -- a standing stick! 
How pawsome is that?!?
DogMa says it's called bamboo and panda bears like to eat the leaves.
Hmmm... pandas are cute. 
I'm cute. 
So, it's paw good.
Looks like a stick
Smells like a stick
Tastes like a stick

Gotta go before my sisters catch on and want to nosh on MY standing stick!
Bow wow for now,

To follow Bella's daily doings, join us on the Sleeps With Dogs Facebook page.
 it's a Tutu Tuesday first - Today's Supaw model is a frou frou feline - as in cat!
Lola was found searching for food near an Atlanta gas station 
when she was rescued by Snap-2it (Spay Neuter Assistance Program). 
Lola was named after The Kinks' song and is often called Lola Coca-Cola by her peeps. 
She lives in a loving furever home with three kitty brothers. 
This Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to homeless kitties everywhere.
Lola rockin' her tutu
Lola lo-lo-lo-lo Lola
Drank champagne and danced all night

For more information about Snap-2it, click on the links:
"Dog Tag Art is a website for pet lovers, artists and fans to show off 
their creativity with cool ID tags and pet photos."
When Dog Tag Art asked me to review their pet ID tags, I said sure. 
What I didn't realize is how long it would take me to place an order. 
Categories like Vintage and Retro, Lupine Patterns and Funny Slogans 
kept me wildly indecisive for days, well okay, weeks. 
There are just so many pawsome tags to choose from - AND you can customize your own ID tags too! 
The tags are pawsitively wooferiffic! They are fun, creative and good quality.
Dog Tag Art also offers accessories - including plastic silencers for the tags - which I highly recommend.
And because Dog Tag Art offers leather necklaces, I can wear Blu's tag.

During the labor pawtensive selection process, I decided Harriet Tubman needed an ID tag. 
Call DogMa crazy, after 18 months as a stray-turned-foster-turned-possible-keeper,
 H needed an official identity. She got a star.
Then I opted for a custom designed tag for SWD. How cool is that!?! 
Peeps can now even deck their own dogs out with a SWD tag. They are available for purchase.
And finally, I stumbled upon a ladybug with BLUE dots. Had to have it.  
With each tag, I selected what was imprinted on the back, the fonts and sizing. 
Love the personalized options.
Harriet's FIRST tag since finding her way to the SWD house as a stray
Piggie rockin' the SWD tag
Lookin' good
Honoring my Blu
DogMa's Blu necklace

For a fee, Dog Tag Art also offers a service on their website to help reunite lost pets with their owners. 
Check out the following video to learn more about their Virtual Leash program.

For more information about Dog Art Tag's pawsomeness click on the links below:

Dog Tag Art provided Harriet's tag and the SWD tag free of charge for review.
While visiting with my brother and his family,
guess who demanded to be the center of attention?
Happy Tutu Tuesday from the diva Pig and her loyal subjects.
All Hail The Pig