Sleeps with Dogs
Betty Boop has a winning smile and pawsome style.
This tuturiffic Pit Bull beauty was rescued from a shelter in San Jose, CA
and is now a foster with the pawmazing folks at Sharing a Life.
We have all our fingers and paws crossed for Betty Boop.
She will soon be available for adoption 
through the supaw Pit Bull and Chihuahua rescue, Our Pack, inc
Please help spread the word about Betty Boop.
Thanks everypawdy.
You're never fully dressed without a smile... and a tutu.
Betty Boop is the poop.

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While England has their new royal baby
we have ours...
Princess Adelyn of Tucker Farm.
Her majesty and her loyal subject, Dewey wish to celebrate Tutu Tuesday with everypawdy,
so, they put together a tuturrific performance for your enjoyment.
All hail Princess Adelyn.
Princess Adelyn in her dressing room
pre-performance meditation
shakin' the maracas
beltin' out a solo
and... the final bow

Who wants an encore?

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                                                     10 Things I've Learned From My Dogs:

                                    1- It's okay to remain shower-free for long periods of time
                                    2- Shaking your ass does get attention
                                    3- Stalking is an acceptable behavior, esp. when food is involved
                                    4- Napping is good anytime of the day
                                    5- Non-stop talking will get you what you want
                                    6- You can actually sleep with only 50% of your body on the bed
                                    7- Daycare isn't just for kids
                                    8- Love comes in all shapes and sizes
                                    9- It's okay to pee outdoors

                                    10- Individuality makes us all special
Who doesn't love a sweet, pocket pittie?
That is what you'll get with the lovely Gemmie,
and bonus, she looks pawtastic in a tutu!
Gemmie is currently being fostered by the founder of Stubby's Heroes
Pit Bull advocate and friend, Johanna.
Jo has this to say about Gemmie:

Gemmie is my foster dog through Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue
She is about 2-3, lives with other dogs, both female and male. 
She loves, loves, loves her ball and does not miss a meal! 
She weighs about 30lbs, is a petite Pittie 
and enjoys laying outside to just watch the clouds move. 
I love this little girl. 

For information on how to adopt Gemmie, please visit 
 Friends of the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue.
Please share far and wide for Gemmie.
She is currently located in the Atlanta, GA area.

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For all you rockin' pawstars out there...
This Tutu Tuesday is for you.
Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer.
~ The Monkees ~

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